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Now Get Paid to Watch YouTube!

This post was a part of the elaborate April Fool’s prank played by our Team. At Labour Law Advisor, we have a yearly tradition of playing a healthy prank with our viewers and subscribers, all in jest and in good spirit.

Yes, you heard it right! YouTube, in an unexpected yet stunning move, has launched a new program. The Viewer Revenue Share Program (VRS) Phase II has been launched in India. The official statement was released by Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube. He said that this program would help grow the fraternity among the YouTube family.

Mr. Mohan said added that “The VRS program aims to create a more inclusive and rewarding ecosystem that benefits content creators, viewers, and YouTube. We believe that by sharing ad revenue with viewers, we can foster a more engaged and loyal community.”

This program is not its first in its inception and its Part I already run smoothly in the USA. Phase I has been a massive success for YouTube as it helped generate huge profits for the Company.

How does VRS help generate profits?

Since YouTube offers shares to the viewers for watching the content, its users grew 10x times more than ever. The first trial was run in the USA which was a stunning success.

The trial, initiated on January 1st, 2023, received an overwhelmingly positive
response from the viewers. As a result of this innovative program, watch times on the
platform increased by more than 100%, and some users have generated as much as $200 per month.

Guidelines for Viewers

To ensure a fair and transparent program, the following are the guidelines for viewers participating in the VRS program:

  1. Do not leave your device unattended while videos are playing as doing so will result
    in the discontinuation of revenue sharing.
  2. Inactivity on the screen for more than 5 minutes will also discontinue revenue
  3. The more ads you watch, the more revenue you generate. Skipping ads will result
    in lower revenue distribution.
  4. Content that generates higher advertiser interest, such as tech and finance, will
    have higher ad rates and thus a higher revenue share for viewers.
  5. The VRS program will be available for both long and short videos.
  6. Any fraudulent activity or attempts to manipulate the system will lead to an
    immediate ban from the program.

Revenue Payout Details

Under the VRS program, YouTube will distribute the ad revenue as follows:
Viewers: 10% | Content Creators: 45% | YouTube: 45%

Viewers participating in the VRS program will have to link a KYC-compliant bank account to receive their ad revenue share. Payouts will be made automatically to the linked bank account. The condition imposed for the revenue is that an ad revenue of $100 shall be generated per video.

Further Developments

YouTube is planning to launch the YT Studio app in India, enabling viewers to track the following:

  1. Total videos watched
  2. Total ads watched
  3. Average ad rate
  4. Total revenue generated.

Once this app is launched, ad revenue updates will be available at the end of each month. For example, April’s revenue will be updated on the last day of April.

You can also check out our video for a more detailed explanation here: https://youtube.com/watch/K6_pPAM9RkI?feature=share

To read the official statement released by YouTube, click here:

This statement was accessed by our team on 1st April 2023. Does the date ring a bell? Yes, 1st of April 2023. A very happy April Fool’s Day.


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