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Five Habits that Millionaires Follow and How to Build Them?

It is not a matter of coincidence that you’ve heard millionaires or even billionaires crediting their habits for their success and remarkable achievements. Be it any book on making money, chasing goals or even being productive, developing a few habits is an essential step in each one of them. This blog post will delve deep into the top five habits that millionaires follow which makes them dedicated and determined.

What is a Habit?

Defining a habit, it is not a ritual or a compulsion imposed onto you from external sources like society, family or other influences. Rather, it is referred to as an activity executed daily that directly or indirectly influences your life positively or negatively.

Habits are the determining factors in achieving success defined as per your terms and yet the most underrated. However, traits and habits are separate terms.

Personality and character-related qualities are part of a person’s traits. Habits are activities you execute regularly for fixed intervals of time which become an integral part of your daily routine.

After a certain amount of following habits, you may have noticed feeling incomplete about your day if you’ve skipped them. Further, let’s explore the top five habits that millionaires follow and why you should too.

Habit 1: Not Bunking the Workplace

Five Habits that Millionaires Follow and How to Build Them?

The workplace is often considered a place which you can take off from and you should because taking breaks is essential. However, when this activity turns into escapism from your role and responsibility at the workplace, things do go wrong. Even if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, presence at the workplace always adds up to your credibility no matter what. The upsides of showing up daily have been described as follows.

Being Present: Five Habits That Millionaires Follow

Imagine yourself as a member of the founding team of the company you work for and you’ll realise that being present in the office means a lot more that is visible from the eye. Interacting with fellow employees and listening to meaningful work-related conversations not only sets the right mood for a perfect workplace environment but also improves communication among the team members resulting in enhanced efficiency and meaningful outputs.

Effects of Showing up Daily

You may argue that not having a certain amount of work is a reason to skip the office for a few days intentionally but the workplace does help you build your intrapersonal skills apart from what your main role with the company is.

It can be for a short interval of time but the energy of the place contributes largely to help you pay attention to the smallest of imperfections and pay attention to the desired outputs.

Habit 2: Putting Health on Priority

The phrase “Health is Wealth” may ages-old but we know it stands true. May you earn fortunes of wealth but maintaining health markers properly would still top the priority list. Eating healthy and working out are obvious ways of keeping your health in place as you may know beforehand.

However, maintaining your routine in accordance with this may sound challenging. Choosing your workout type and following it for an extended period have been discussed in detail in this section.

By the way, we hope you are not saving all that just to pay medical bills right?

To add to our talk about putting health on priority, getting health insurance is a smart habit too. It helps us not worry about big doctor bills that can use up all our savings. Starting this habit early means you pay less each month. Just like we keep track of our daily habits, picking the right health insurance helps us stay ready for any big health problems without losing all our money. It’s a smart way to take care of our health and our wallets at the same time. Check out this ultimate guide – Health Insurance as a Necessity: How Much Insurance Cover Should You Opt For?

Choosing your Workout Type

Not all people prefer hitting the gym and lifting weights which is the most conventional way of working out but you can try what suits them best for you.

Sports are also a great way of working out involving intense physical activity and are even interesting as they’re played between teams. Not only does this involve fun but also portrays positive health benefits and is easy to adapt to your routine. 

Maintaining Consistency

Workout partners make them easy is rightly said. Having people working towards the same goal as yours makes it easier to many folds. Find people who wish to develop the same habits as of millionaires and want to improve on health because when goals are aligned, collective efforts help you ease through it.

Showing up daily to a sport or a physical activity is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Habit 3: Putting effort on a Daily Basis

Five Habits that Millionaires Follow and How to Build Them?

This habit may sound obvious but sadly not many people put it to use. Despite your full-time job or studies, putting effort into developing a skill for passive income or freelancing sounds like a great opportunity however, putting effort daily for this is not a cup of tea.

Working towards a better life gives you an edge over your peers. So let’s explore the upsides of daily execution in this section.

Long-Term Effects of Daily Execution

For us, Labour Law Advisor has achieved utmost success in executing things daily. We’ve been posting content daily for 700+ days in a row and the results have been visible to the entire YouTube Finance Community.

Hitting new milestones and collective team efforts have been only a few upsides of maintaining this content streak for almost two years.

Productivity Boost:

Taking the example of our schedule of posting daily short-form content on our Youtube channel, not only we’ve seen tremendous growth in terms of numbers but also the level of audience connection has improved significantly.

All our content is planned which boosts our productivity and our team always has tasks allotted to be executed before a deadline. This brings in a level of commitment that unites the team and contributes to making our audience’s lives better.

Talking about the boost in productivity and daily tracking, make good habits stick in our lives, it’s great to have something that helps us keep track.

That’s where the ‘Jagruk Journal‘ comes in, which is the perfect fit to track your daily habits and doings! It’s like a friend that helps you remember the good times, plan your days, and keep an eye on your goals and habits. Think of it as a helper for making life better and more thankful, one day at a time.

Habit 4: Developing Multiple Income Sources

Five Habits that Millionaires Follow and How to Build Them?

By now you know five habits that millionaires follow and that form an essential component of our lives, one of which is getting your finances in order. Working towards making multiple income sources is a good habit among most millionaires. 

But How to Build the Five Habits That Millionaires Follow

Income funnels are built simultaneously. You can start building one today by starting to work on a skill which is different from your current experience. A good example would be of an IT Engineer working in a multi-national company in the day and working on building content writing as a part time skill which can later be monetised using different methods.

This may sound too much effort for a begineer but higher results require higher efforts as you know, results and efforts are directly related. The skill you start working upon out of interest should be scaleable as per market needs as well thus, a detailed study of the skills required in the market is essential.

The Upsides of Five Habits That Millionaires Follow

You may have a full time job or a stable business income but relying on the one major income source is the last thing you should think about. Different industries show different growth rates and these may fluctuate more than their normal level thus, causing financial instability.

Working towards multiple income sources makes you less-prone to any such minor industry-specific downfall. Not only this will help you archiving financial freedom in the future but also help you accumulate an emergency fund to fulfill your basic needs during hard times but also create room for your wants as well as short term pleasures and desires.

Habit 5: Accumulating Knowledge

Most entrepreneurs and successful businessmen have paid enough attention to the importance of collecting knowledge. Reading and referring to existing resources using digital sources as well as well known books by pioneers. This helps you gain insights about the common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when you’re working towards a goal someone has already worked upon.

Everyone has a unique journey but being aware of what not to do makes the difficulty of the journey to half.

You can check out top-rated books on entrepreneurship and building business by popular authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Benjamin Franklin and others to know about the importance of holding assets other than just liquid cash. As inflation rises printed money looses its value, few of these important principles are listed in books which act as a one-stop resource to learning about them.

As we’ve come this far dicussing about habits to build now let’s have a closer insight to building habits the right way through journalling as well as taking to build one habit at a time. Also check out how to avoid the top mistakes beginners make when investing in stock market.

How to Build Habits the Right Way?

Habits have tremendous results and we know it by now but building them requires effort which is an essential raw material for success. The secret to building good habits is consistently putting effort (quite obvious right?) however, you can ease the process by a few methods that make you self-aware and contribute to the ease of habit building as explained below.


Reminding yourself daily of something you wish to follow is a great idea when it comes to habit-building. Journalling is an activity of recording things about your day in a diary or notebook. Writing about your day daily reminds you of the tasks you plan for your day. They remind you which tasks were incomplete because of certain reasons so you prioritise them the next day. This activity promotes self-awareness and helps you build habits along with beating procrastination.

Thus, achieving multiple goals through a common habit. Journalling also helps you better your thought process along with making you self-aware so you do not depend on others for self-fulfilment :).

Taking One Step at a Time

It is equally important to take one single step at a time. Meaning, that you should not divert your attention to building different habits at the same point in time. Putting all your efforts in starting to building a single good habit should be your primary target despite building three or four habits together to achieve maximum potential.

Taking too much on your plate will only make things harder and will eventually lead to quitting instead. Habits are built simultaneously by making slight changes in daily routine and thus help you become better as an overall person.

Starting Small

In the start, making the tasks easy to archive is essential. If you tend to commit to a relatively tough habit in the start, it only ends as a feeling of guilt and self doubt. Starting small and making things work is the thing which you should actually do. As you’re comfortable with relatively smaller habits, the sky is your limit.

Continuing this process over-time makes targets seem easier and much more doable than earlier. Breaking down a goal to smaller parts is a proven way of making things seem possible.

As we’ve explored key habits like not skipping the workplace, prioritizing health, and putting in daily effort, it’s also insightful to broaden our perspective with additional life-changing habits. For a more comprehensive understanding of daily habits that successful people follow, read out – ‘Daily Habits Of Successful People – 8 Life-Changing And Simple Habits To Follow!‘ where we have dealt with essential routines and disciplines that further enhance personal and professional growth.

In Conclusion of Five Habits That Millionaires Follow

To sum up, habits define the person we wish to become or the person we admire. Not skipping the workplace, prioritising health and putting efforts regularly to an unconventional activity like learning a new skill are three of the we’ve talked about in this article.

We’ve discussed that showing up to the workplace has several positive impacts for both employees and entrepreneurs in their respective roles. You may not have any major issues to solve at the workplace but it contributes to developing you as an overall individual directly impacting your people skills.

Also, further, the discussion went on about discussing about prioritising health as the greatest asset. Choosing your way of working out and eating well adds up to your physical and mental well-being. Finding appropriate partners for sports and workouts makes them easy and much more impactful due to the presence of teamwork.

Putting effort daily into learning something new apart from your conventional job is something you should make a habit of. Lastly, you can develop new habits by journaling about your day and taking one step at a time by not working on multiple habits at the start.

Towards the end importance of building multiple income sources by learning new and in-demand skills as well as monetising them is essential to archive financial freedom. Also, books act as a one stop resource to gaining knowledge of important principles as well as a proper path to building a financially secure future. 

Hope you found useful insights from this article about the top five habits that millionaires abide by. Let’s discuss more of such habits of successful people you’ve come across yet in the comments section and add to each other’s knowledge.

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