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The Jagruk Journal | Make each ordinary day extraordinary!

The only thing constant in life is change. While seasons come and seasons go, what gets left behind are the small things that brought a smile to your face – the taste of that heavenly ice cream with your partner, the all-nighter you pulled with your friends to complete that project, the many failed attempts you made trying to bake the perfect cake for your family – although insignificant, these moments were the highlight of that day and to help you capture such moments throughout your coming year, we have – The Jagruk Journal!

Made with utmost love and after months of brainstorming, the Jagruk Journal will be your best companion this new year. From sharing your daily tasks, to your long-term goals, to your moods and even your finances – the Jagruk Journal will be by your side and help you make life easier and filled with more gratitude!

What’s in store the Jagruk Journal?

Jagruk Journal is a guided productivity journal with small prompts to help you record your day – what you did, how you felt, what you were grateful for. Not only this, but it also helps you track various important things such as your habits, finances, goals, health, and so much more! Let’s take a detailed look at what’s in store in the Jagruk Journal!

Take an inside look at how you can make the most of each day in just five minutes.

  • Personal memoranda
  • Daily tracker
  • To-do lists
  • Fitness schedule
  • Habits tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Life goals
  • Bucket list
  • Recommendations
  • Contacts
  • Quote of the day
  • End of day reflection to grow and improve

Your Personal Memoranda

Begin this beautiful guided productivity Jagruk Journal by writing your name on the first page and going through the small guide with tips to use this journal efficiently! Next, fill out some important details which you and your close family members should definitely be aware of. This will include –

  • your family health chart
  • list and contact of your doctors and professionals (lawyers, CA, accountant, consultant, etc.)
  • your important legal documents with their ID number and expiry date
  • employment details – related to PF, ESI, etc.
  • your insurance details – agent name, company name, type of insurance, contact details
  • vehicle insurance policy details
  • bank details
  • fixed deposit or recurring deposit details
  • loan details
  • gas cylinder booking dates
  • kid’s school or college details
  • important contacts for everyone you need to add
  • calendar of 2020 and list of holidays (because that’s the first thing you check in a new year right!)

This will serve as a one-stop spot for all your important contacts and information so you don’t need to rummage through files and files of documents when in a hurry to get an Id number or a contact. It will also serve as a reminder to make those payments on time and do those bookings well before time!

Your Daily Tracker

jagruk journal

Before you go to bed and take your night’s rest, spend just 5 minutes with your daily tracker page to reflect on the day you had. There is one page dedicated for each day of 2022. For special days and festivals, there is a cute prompt on the top as well! Answer the simple questions on your daily tracker page as follows:

  • I’ll remember today by – The good, bad or ugly, whatever it was, record one significant event from your day which you want to carry forward with you. Did you get a compliment at work, or meet someone special, or did you lose something important today – answer this question every day to show gratitude for what was and how you could make the situation better from here on.
  • A question about yourself – Each page has a new question that will make you learn more about yourself and know yourself a little better every day. It may be something very easy like “Are you a tea or a coffee person?” or something more reflective like “If someone described you, what would they say?”. These questions will help you look inside and know your true self and develop into the person you actually want to be.
  • To-do list – Make each day productive and list down your tasks for the next day so you stay on track and don’t miss out or delay any important work. Plus, the joy of ticking off all tasks once completed is an indescribable satisfaction in itself!
  • Expenses – From small change to big bucks, record your daily spending on everything – from food to transportation to movies and shopping – so you can be aware of your budget and stay on top of your finances.
  • Quote of the day – End your day with a unique humorous quote each day!

Your Monthly Tracker

Apart from your daily tracker pages, there are also monthly tracker pages for every month of the year, each with a different theme and colour, as follows:

  • Monthly calendar – Each month of the Jagruk Journal begins with a calendar to plan your upcoming month. You can record important birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, vacations, appointments and more. It basically serves as a written document of your online Google calendar!
  • Notes – Each month of the Jagruk Journal has a few pages for “Notes” where you can record anything additional that you wish to.
  • Fitness schedule –
    • Record your current weight and waist for the month as well as the goal you want to achieve for both.
    • Weekly workout plan – Plan your workout schedule for each week of the month as per your convenience. Start Mondays with a bang of cardio, and make toned arms Tuesday a habit, or take rest days on two days of the weekend (we won’t tell!).
    • Healthy habits to start – Don’t let your new year resolutions end on new year’s day! Keep track of your monthly resolutions with the healthy habits section and promise new good habits to yourself to start each month.
  • Jagruk habits tracker –
    • If you’ve promised yourself to get into a new healthy habit, be it waking up early or saving more, or eating less outside food – then make yourself accountable for the same too. It is said that once you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit. So make sure to tick off your habit tracker checkbox for each day of the month and see yourself shine brighter everyday!
    • I’ll follow these habits because – Every change you make within yourself this year make it with a reason to better yourself. This will not develop you into the best version of yourself but also give you a reason to go the extra mile.
  • Monthly budget tracker –
    • Once the month is over, add up your expenses for each day to see your total spending for the month. This will be immensely helpful if you usually find yourself tight on cash by the end of the month since you will know exactly where and how your cash has been going!
    • Credit card payment – Add up to two credit card payment reminders and the amount due for which.
    • Loan/Advances – Record a cash advance paid or book loaned to a friend so that you don’t forget about it later on and go crazy trying to figure out where is your favourite book! This can even be helpful in recording any loans that you have taken yourself.
    • Investment – Would it even be a Jagruk Journal without an investment prompt? Any investment which you have made apart from your general equity investments can be listed here.
    • Next month’s expense planning – Track all fixed expenses that are sure to happen in the upcoming month such as – rent bill, electricity bill, insurance premiums, investment SIPs, etc., so you know how much you will definitely be spending and how much will remain to plan the expenses for the rest of the month better!

Your Annual Tracker

  • Life goals –
    • Be it career, finance, health or self-care – what are your personal goals for the upcoming year that you want to achieve for the best version of yourself. Write them down and work on them all through the year with your monthly habit tracker.
  • Bucket list 2022 – 22 things I want to do in 2022 – a list and reminder to live life king size and make some truly big aspirations to achieve
  • Books/Podcasts/Movies/TV series – all the recommendations you have and all the things on your watchlist to check off finally!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Jagruk Journal today and get 10% discount. These will not only make a great gift for yourself but also for your loved ones. Gift your family, friends and colleagues this wonderful guided productivity journal this festive season! If you order 100 or more you also get a wholesale discount along with a custom logo/message on the back cover. Contact us at jagrukjournal@labourlawadvisor.in for bulk bookings.

Get to know the Jagruk Journal more in the video below.

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