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Soft Skills To Get a High Salary Job

What soft skills does a company look for in a candidate while hiring them? Why is it that college students feel pressured to take up a low salary job? Or why do new trainees struggle to get promotion and rise up in their career? The important question to actually ask here is, do you have the soft skills to get the bills? According to the “India Skills Report 2019”, the employability of people in India has gone up from 37% to 47.38% in the past 5 years. So what are those certain soft skills that you need to have or train to get a high salary job of your dreams? Read on to find out!

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Important Soft Skills To Learn:

  • Effective Communication

If you can get your point across accurately in the simplest manner, then the interviewer is already impressed. For this you need to have supreme command over the language. And since English is the major language used across businesses, you need to be good in conversational English. To get better in this you need to have patience and practise conversing in English with other people. This works best if you have a mentor who can rectify from grammatical errors. But if that isn’t possible then you could use the Cambly app. This app gives you access to tutors across several English speaking countries, who practise with you every day and correct your mistakes. As we all know, practise is the key to perfection. Speaking to several new people will also help boost your confidence levels.

Once you sign up with the Cambly app, you can see a list of tutors. Each tutor’s profile has all their information such as years of experience, etc. You can “Call” a tutor for a video call as well as have a written chat window. Once the call ends, you can get the chat as your study notes. You can also use the code labourlaw30 to get 30% discount when you join Cambly.

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  • Written Communication

Along with verbal, written communication is an equally important soft skill for a high salary job. If you are submitting your resume over mail then it should be good enough to stand out amongst the hundreds of resumes the interviewer receives daily. This is only possible if you are good at written English. If you have doubts over your writing soft skills, then you could have other people proofread your mail and take their feedback before sending the final content.

  • Research

Research soft skills go hand in hand with communication soft skills. If you do not have proper knowledge about a topic, then you will not be able to converse about it. Similarly, if the interviewer asks you about a subject which you are not familiar with, then you won’t be able to say anything about it. This will result in poor communication skills. Hence, it is important to enhance your research skills relating to your field.

Having good research skills also shows that you are knowledgeable about your field. Thus, you can put this knowledge to contribute new ideas to the business.  Hence, you are quicker in thinking and brainstorming than your peers. This means that you are ready to grab new opportunities and be successful. You can enhance this skill by researching your domain field. You can do this by reading two articles daily after you return home from work. Or if you are a student then you can gather more knowledge about your hobby. So if an interviewer views your hobbies on your resume and questions you on it, then you will be able to give perfect replies. Doing this will help you get an upper hand in the interview since you will be talking about your strengths. 

  • Confidence

Having the confidence to speak yourself will help you prove your knowledge in your field. This confidence can be inculcated through practise. Practise is possible when you meet more people and new people often. Here again, the Cambly app will come to your rescue as you meet and talk to new tutors each day. So join the Cambly app with the code labourlaw30 and avail a 30% discount. 

Having a good command over your language will also help you. If you use good vocabulary and speak fluently, then more people will listen intently to you. The more people listen to you, the more confident you become. 

Additionally, you also need to have meaningful discussions. Here, you should discuss the things you research upon. The more you discuss your research, the more confidently to can speak about it. 

You also need to hone your public speaking skills. Join clubs to practise speaking in front of a larger group of people. And then take feedback from the group of your talk. Doing this repeatedly will help you concur your fear of speaking in front of big groups. 

  • Leadership 

Every employer wants you to stick and grow in their company so that one day you will be able to lead a group of people under you. Such employees are valuable to the company. To enhance your leadership skills, firstly you need to have discipline in your daily lifestyle. You need to make sure that you are capable of completing all the tasks you set in a day for yourself. Only if you yourself have discipline will you be able to make your subordinates do their work efficiently too. Secondly, you need to take responsibility of new projects. Show the employer that you take the initiative to improve not only yourself but also the company as a whole. Thirdly, you need to have team spirit. Help out your team members when needed. 

Practise these skills on a daily basis for 6 months to a year. This will enhance you as a person and help you get that high salary dream job.

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