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Employer Is Not Approving KYC Details On UAN Portal, What To Do

Pending KYC approval is one of the most common cases in maximum companies these days. It is seen that the employee verifies KYC in the online portal but the employer refuses to verify the credentials.

How to approve KYC in EPF without employer?

It has also happened. In several companies that even after inquiring several times to the employer, an employer is not approving the KYC details. This piece of writing highlights the details regarding pending KYC approval. All other details you need to know regarding the particular matter to approve kyc in EPF without employer. Therefore, wasting no more time let us get started.

Reasons Behind Employer Is Not Approving KYC Pending Approval:

If your employer is not verifying or employer is not approving KYC, there can be three reasons behind a pending KYC approval. Come let us understand what are those three reasons behind employer is not approving KYC/ pending KYC approval.

Reason 1:

The first and foremost reason why the employer is not approving the KYC is the digital signature. Most employers don’t have a valid digital signature. This is the reason why they are unable to approve your KYC. They might not be able to do so due to the lack of information on how to update their digital signature or any other reason.

If you are in the same situation and are an employer, you must get a piece of information on how to update the digital signature first. Later, you need to know how to verify it from the PF department. The first problem on why you are unable to update the digital signature will be solved by this particular purpose. To avoid any further problems regarding bank details, PF, challan, etc., you must update your digital signature. If you are an employee, make sure to let your HR, consultant, employer know about this particular detail. This will help you eliminate the problem of pending KYC approval.

Reason 2:

Another reason may be that your employer is totally unaware of how to approve KYC after he has updated the digital signature. In this case, you should let your employer know how to do the same. In case, you are looking for information, you can visit our website and read on how to approve KYC details easily.

Reason 3:

The third reason can be a case of conflict between you and your employer. It may be the case when your employer is not listening to you or there is a case of conflict between the company authorities. In such cases of conflict when your employer is adamant to not approve your KYC, you can send an application to the PF department or your local PF office. You need to write an application mentioning UAN and PF number including photocopies of Aadhar card, PAN card, the first page of your passbook. Make sure to sign all the documents before you send the application to the PF department.

Or even if your company is closed and your employer is not listening to you, you can go to the EPFO grievance portal and register a complaint against the same. You can register a complaint saying that your employer is not approving KYC. Now let us know all about the grievance portal.

All about the grievance portal:

You must consider this particular option as your last resource as there is no guarantee that your problem will be solved. It may so happen that your employer might get angry with you. So, the best thing to do in this case is talking to the employer and convincing him for the same. But, even if you cannot solve the problem by verbal means, make sure to take help of the EPF Grievance Portal.

pending kyc approval

General details:

Open your browser first and search for EPF grievance. You need to open the first link that appears on your search engine result page. After opening the website you will see an option called register grievance. You need to click on that particular option. After clicking on the option the grievance registration form will open and you need to fill in the details. Regarding the status option, you need to choose the PF number option and follow the rest of the details in the first form. Make sure to check all the details twice before you press enter.

pending kyc approval

Personal Details:

Next comes the personal details section. Under the name of the complainant option, you have to enter your own name. In the meantime, after you enter your name, you will see an option for setting a password. If you want to set a password for your complaint, you can click yes and set the password as per your choice. Make sure to follow the guidelines for setting up a unique password. Then, fill in the address details, country, state, mobile number and all pending details to fill up the rest of the form.

pending kyc approval
pending kyc approval

Grievance Details:

This is the complaint section. Here you will find an option called category where you have to select the KYC approval option. If there are no categories related to KYC, you have to choose the other option. Next, to that, you need to draft your complaint and paste in the box below the category option. The complaint should be within 5000 characters as specified. Overlook the upload file option next to that as you do not require to upload any PDF documents in this case. Following that, you need to enter the captcha and click on the submit button.

pending kyc approval
pending kyc approval
pending kyc approval

After filling this detailed form, your complaint will be submitted. The online authorities might notify you about rechecking your form. Make sure to perform that task carefully so that no information entered is wrong.

Final Remark:

So, this is the ultimate technique by which you can approve your KYC after you have tried all the other additional options of doing the same. Make sure to take your time and fill in the form so that all the information entered is true and you have substantial proof to support all of them. It might be a tiresome task, but if you can do it carefully, you can receive great benefits and approve your KYC easily.

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