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5 Best YouTube Channels For HRs In India

Being an HR professional, one needs to stay up to date with the latest news of the field. Along with that, HRs also gain by sharing knowledge with other experienced people of the community. In this article, we list 5 such YouTube channels which will be of great help to all HRs in the country. Take a few minutes of your free time to go through the content on these channels listed below.

5 Best YouTube Channels For HRs


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) YouTube channel is the largest professional association channel in the world devoted to human resource management. SHRM believes in the voice of all employees. They work towards creating content that shapes the way employers and employees thrive together. With 11.1k subscribers on their YouTube channel, SHRM impacts 115 million employees throughout the world with the help of its 3,00,000 HRs and business leaders. They create great content which tackles a vast variety of workplace issues including culture, workforce development, diversity and inclusion, workplace flexibility and more.

Visit SHRM YouTube channel for HRs.

2. Labour Law Advisor

Labour Law Advisor or LLA began in August 2017 and within four years has quickly grown to one of the country’s biggest labour law YouTube channels. The channel was created by Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Singh. It has 1.62 million subscribers and is growing every day. The channel was started to explain the various labour laws in India relating to PF, ESI, salary, etc. All the videos are thoroughly researched and very well created with step-by-step tutorials for all procedures. There are also collab videos with other leading YouTubers on the channel covering important aspects of labour laws and human resources. The founders often also hold live YouTube sessions to clear all queries and doubts raised by their audience. For an HR professional, this YouTube channel is a boon creating videos with in-depth explanation for all-important HR aspects and labour law compliances.

Visit the Labour Law Advisor YouTube channel for HRs.

3. Shane McCusker

Shane McCusker is a qualified MD of Intelligence Software. He is known for developing software for recruitment agencies. Along with that he also writes recruitment blogs and holds regular webinars for best recruitment practices. Shane creates YouTube videos about Social Media in Recruitment, LinkedIn, Recruitment Software, Boolean Strings, and Social Recruiting. Everything that an HR professional would want to know about recruitment and recruiting is available here. Particularly about recruitment software and how to make more placements.

Visit Shane McCusker’s YouTube channel.

4. Finology Legal

Another great Indian Youtube channel, Finology Legal deals with all things relating to the legal laws of the country. The channel was started in July 2018 by Priya Jain. It has now grown to 863k subscribers. She has over ten years of experience across Singapore and India working on APAC wide roles in financial markets sales and strategy with Standard Chartered Bank and DBS bank. Most recently Priya has also been involved in developing product strategy for a growth-stage FinTech start-up in India. Finology Legal covers all topics related to the judiciary and laws of the country.

Visit Finology Legal YouTube channel.

5. SocialTalent

SocialTalent changed the way that organisations identify talent globally by translating technology and educating front line recruiters through a premium, personalised and practical online learning experience. With over 2,500 bite-sized video content from industry experts, SocialTalent provides insights followed by personalised nudges to keep learners on the right track. SocialTalent transformed the way teams learn and work every day. They give guidance to HRs to help them customise learning paths and provide the tools to reach their goals. They also help to measure the real Return on Learning (ROL), making teams happier and companies more successful.

Visit SocialTalent Youtube channel.

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