Email Writing Etiquettes

In today’s digital world, email writing has become a thing of everyday and so common have become the mistakes you make while you write these emails. Even small details can make a big difference. So, here are the most common mistakes you can avoid to write more professional and better emails.

  1. Being too formal or informal
    Even though formality is still important for professionalism, if you call a client by their first name when speaking to them in person, avoid using titles like “Mr.” or “Mrs.” in an email. Neither should it be too informal with someone you don’t know personally, as that might turn off someone. 

    Your email opening should always reflect your relationship with that person. Always start a conversation politely and formally, and follow the other person’s lead.
  2. Using basic greetings
    Do not use greetings like “Good Morning/afternoon/evening”. Start your email with a “Hello”, “Hi”, “Dear”, etc.
  3. Long subject lines
    The idea of a subject line is to convey your point in a short time. The reader only needs a hint of what consists in your email. So, keep the subject line to a maximum of 5-6 words and avoid adding any details. It is like giving a title to the story.
  4. Difference between To, CC & BCC
    To is for those who must act, and CC is for those who must be informed.

    A BCC is used when you have to CC hundreds of people. Be sure to use BCC when you’re sending general emails to people who don’t know each other. That way they do not get to know who all received the same mail.
  5. Large Attachments
    You send bulky attachments and then wonder why they aren’t received by the recipient. Save them on the network, use cloud storage and copy-paste the link or compress the files.
  6. Lengthy paragraphs
    You expect people to read the long paragraphs you write. Instead, draft summaries and, whenever possible, use bullet points.
  7. Spellcheck
    Your emails are not proofread or checked for spelling. Those red wavy lines typically indicate that something is wrong.

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