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Today’s newsletter is not about finance or law. Today I’ll answer a few of the most requested questions we get about LLA. Such as, 

What led to our success? ( if you consider it a success at all) 
Did we always know that this is what we wanted to do? 
What was our thought process?

Before I answer, I would like to give most of the credit to this universe. Because there were so many uncertainties, and events that were beyond our control. Which led to this. Yet, I will jot down a few key factors that contributed. 

We started LLA with zero expectations. 
Me and Mandeep, 
no clear plan, no business, and a desire to share knowledge. 
We figured out things on the way. 
Gradually, the tribe grew, and so did the team.
Today it has become bigger than us. 

These are a few key learnings from this journey. 

Do not say NO to opportunities 
Many dreams are crushed due to the “log kya kahenge?” and “nahi Chala to?” mindset. We believe that every chance you take is an opportunity that you create. Take calculated risks, but do not fear taking them. If you have an idea, put it into the world and start working on tweaking and making it better until you succeed. 

Act Now
Procrastinating on your dreams? There is never a tomorrow. It is either now or never. This is one thing that has really helped us to reach where we are. No ideas are ever left for tomorrow. Once discussed and approved by all team members, the action starts immediately. We set deadlines and plans and execute them without delay. 
So, don’t leave your big idea for someday. Instead, start working on it today! 

Value Addition
“Bolna bohat asaan hai, Karna bohat mushkil” must be your thought as you read along. This formula is for you if you can’t shed your fear even now. Whenever you doubt your idea, check if you are adding value to people’s lives, it is sure to succeed. When making content, we always keep it first and foremost. The rest is secondary. If you can create an impact, and give value, your idea will indeed work.

Consistency & Discipline towards Commitment Made
Once you have started, just stay consistent. For instance, at LLA, we started with a 365-day Shorts Marathon wherein we decided to upload one short every day without fail. And we have been doing that for almost 8 months now without fail, and it has accelerated our growth. Don’t trust us? You can check them on our YT channel. 😀 Stay consistent towards your commitment, and it will surely reap positive results. 

Build Systems
Build systems to ensure consistency in your work. Creating simple processes make sure that tasks are completed on time. People fail. Systems don’t. It can be making a simple to-do list one night prior or making time for your idea every Sunday. But create a system that works for you. While doing this, avoid building unrealistic goals. If your goals are simple and sustainable, plans will work for you. 

Trust and Teamwork
Nothing great can be achieved alone. Never shy from sharing your ideas with others. Don’t worry. Nobody will steal them. They have their own priorities. There are many people and many experiences that shape you and your ideas. Trust people. When you trust people, this trust is reciprocated and makes your product more viable. Trust them with your thoughts and give them space to help you turn them into reality. 

Interested in our 2 cents on earning money and getting early success in life? Watch this video.

Hope this will inspire you to start working towards your dream and taking your first step (most difficult) towards success. 

See you next week!
Until then, stay Jagruk!
With ❤️
Jagruk RJ & Team LLA

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