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YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners In India

Business is the activity of strategizing, manufacturing and selling to users to make a profit. Business is an organized activity that not only involves providing service but also providing satisfaction and quality to the customers. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business, takes a number of risks, and enjoys a high stake in profit. There are different types of businesses and different types of entrepreneurs based on their modules and aggression. An entrepreneur is a person who does not predict the future instead creates one. So in this blog let’s discuss the YouTube channels for entrepreneurs and businessmen in India that can not only help in getting business ideas but also help in knowing the proper planning and rules involved to start a business.

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Most common problems faced by entrepreneurs/business owners

Every day new businesses and startups are being initiated. A number of individuals have some business structure or module ready to go. Also, the government is encouraging individuals to start something of their own. So the most important problem entrepreneurs and business owners are facing currently is competition. Other problems which an entrepreneur or business owner may face are:

  • Cash flow management and funding
  • Time management and staff management
  • Recruitment and hiring of proper employee
  • Generating leads and getting more clients
  • Promotion and branding

Causes for failure

The most important reason businesses and entrepreneurs fail is because of the lack of proper planning and guidance. One can have a successful business career if there is proper guidance and mentorship given. Having a proper plan, knowing how to implement that plan, having the answer of why it was all started is very important for business owners and entrepreneurs. Some common reasons for the failure of entrepreneurs and businesses are:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Insufficient information and not having proper mentorship
  • Unable to promote and create an image in the mind of the public and customers
  • Not being able to generate demand
  • Lack of interaction with the online market
  • Unable to meet the customer needs and provide customer satisfaction
  • Failing to adapt to the changing environment and unable to raise funds

So in order to have the proper knowledge and guidance of running a business and to become a successful entrepreneur here are some YouTube channels that can help you scale your business, become a successful entrepreneur, and can play the proper role of mentor to guide you in the journey.

YouTube channels for entrepreneurs and business owners

1. Anurag Agarwal Institute

Anurag Agarwal Institute is one of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs. Anurag Aggarwal is the founder of this YouTube channel and has been imparting public speaking skills & business training for the past 21 years. He has been awarded as the best business coach in the year 2018. He was also awarded the best Indian motivational speaker in the year 2019 in Dubai. Also, his blog ranks among the top 32 blogs in the world. His videos are based on how to start a business and entrepreneur mindset and case studies.

2. Pushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach

It is a YouTube channel by the master of leadership psychology, Pushkar Raj Thakur. He is one of the most influential motivational speakers & business development coaches in India. Through his videos, he is inspiring millions of people and also helping them to build their dreams. Pushkar is also regarded as a Youth Icon and the change expert and has also been featured in various publications like Times of India, Hindustan Times and many more. He is one of the fastest Indian Internet Millionaires and is widely famous for digital domination. Videos of Pushkar Raj Thakur mainly cover each and every background – may it be related to starting the business, to creating demands and ways of scaling the business.

3. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is another great one of YouTube channels for entrepreneurs, business owners, and young talents seeking to start some business of their own. He is the CEO and the founder of Bada Business Pvt Ltd and is also among the most influential motivational speakers internationally. Bindra is also a leadership consultant and inspirational business coach. The channel is one of the most subscribed channels in terms of entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is awarded honorary Ph.D. Degree, Doctor of Philosophy and is also the most trustable advisor for around 1500 corporates. Vivek has been instrumental in providing CEO coaching to the top 100 CEOs in the country. Recognized as one of the ’21 Technopreneurs to watch out for in 2021′ by the Digital-First Magazine and holds six Guinness world records. He has also won the Pride of Nation Award and Best CEO Coach in India award by The Times of India.

4. Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a top Indian business coach, motivational speaker, trainer, keynote speaker, and best-selling Indian Author. He is the founder of Businessjeeto.com that provides top business and life courses online and he has also launched Business Jeeto Club membership where members get free webinars, courses, strategies, etc. Most of Ujjwal Patni’s videos are on how to build a strong network, different strategies of successful MNC’s and network marketing.

5. Startup Stories

Startup Stories is one of the YouTube channels that brings stories of successful entrepreneurs and their journeys. A number of videos on founders who have established themselves with their innovative ideas and successful business module are discussed in detail. There are also a number of videos on top companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and many more. A number of case studies and life stories have also been covered in their videos.

6. MSME Helpline

MSME Helpline is an initiative of the Chamber of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises. The main editor and video uploader of this channel is Mr. Mukesh Gupta. The focus of this channel is on how to create awareness about government schemes and to help the youth understand the different aspects of business. MSME Helpline also tries to offer free counseling to as many people as possible. Services like payment of nominal fees, formation of company, registration of trademark, and also various other services are offered in MSME Helpline videos. There are a number of videos on this channel for startups, small businesses, loans, and applications and also on schemes and counseling.

7. Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is not only the founder of Warikoo but he is also an entrepreneur, public speaker, investor and mentor. For the past 4 years, Warikoo has been actively sharing content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He posts 3 Hindi and English videos every week on these YouTube channels where he talks about entrepreneurship, how to grow in life, personal finances and failure. Warikoo started his entrepreneurship journey in the year 2008 and his most recent startup is Nearbuy.com where he was the founder and also the CEO from 2015 to 2019. Ankur has also been a part of Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 list for India, LinkedIn India’s power profiles list, and also India’s top executive under 40 list. He has shared a number of videos on fundraising, using social media to grow, the financial market, and different ways to start an entrepreneurship journey.

8. Sonu Sharma

Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder of Dynamic India Group (India) and also a motivational speaker who is inspiring thousands of people to start something of their own. Sonu Sharma is an author, educator, business consultant, and successful entrepreneur for the past 21 years. Today he is one of the youngest inspirational speakers in India. He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potentials. His several years of experience and research have helped him in not only understanding the power of direct selling but has also helped to put many organizations on to the part of growth and fulfillment. Sonu Sharma is a sensation on YouTube, and Facebook. In today’s time, he is a consultant for the world’s leading corporate houses. It’s a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs seeking to build a strong network in marketing and have outstanding success in their careers.

9. Labour Law Advisor

LLA is a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs, business owners, HRs and salaried persons. Labour Law Advisor was started in the year 2017 by a duo. One was the labour code decoder Rishabh Jain and the other was money-minded Mandeep Gill. The team makes thoroughly explained videos on common topics such as personal finances, mutual funds investments, debt funds investments, health insurance, and also about businesses. Previously mentioned YouTube channels provide guidance on starting a business and different ways to get funds, while this channel helps businesses in following different labour laws. Also, there are regular interactive LLA webinars with industrial experts and entrepreneurs that can help businesses to grow.

10. Entrepreneur India TV

Entrepreneur India TV is a YouTube channel to help entrepreneurs virtually. This Channel help entrepreneurs to generate business ideas and implement them into action. It helps first-generation entrepreneurs by providing them step-by-step guidance and blueprints to start a business enterprise. There are a number of videos on the channel based on case studies of different businesses.

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