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Do You Have These 7 Basic Skills For Becoming An Entrepreneur?

Before the pandemic becoming an entrepreneur required emotional strength and the firm decision to be one. But after the pandemic, becoming an entrepreneur requires truckloads of courage, a high level of dedication, and a never-give-up attitude. There may be a number of theories on becoming the best entrepreneur but one needs some basic and important skills as well. So, if you are an entrepreneur or are seeking to start an entrepreneur journey then this blog representing basic skills for an entrepreneur is meant for you.

Skills for an Entrepreneur

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who earns a living by running a business that involves risk. The process of setting up a business and expanding it is known as entrepreneurship. Starting an entrepreneurial journey is not easy. It involves high risks, instability, pressure, competition and hard work. An entrepreneur should be strong, self-motivated, highly innovative and creative, and should be always ready to seek out an opportunity.

Basic skills for an entrepreneur

1. Intrapreneurship

It is the first and one of the most important skills for an entrepreneur. Intrapreneurship means having the ability to take action, be self-motivated, productive, initiative, analyze risks, identify opportunities, and take quick and thoughtful decisions for the betterment of the business. These skills can generally be identified even when a person is working under any organization. If you are the first to suggest, take action, motivate others, maintain unity and have plenty of ideas then you are ready to start your entrepreneurship journey.

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with key start-up terms. Our blog ‘21 Start-up Terms You Should Know About‘ covers essential vocabulary every entrepreneur should know, enhancing your understanding of the business landscape and better preparing you for success in your ventures.

2. Digital marketing

In today’s time, each and every business is a part of digital media. Every business at some phase makes use of digital media. May it be for keeping records, branding, generating leads for filing returns, everything involves digital media. Digital culture must be the fundamental skill an entrepreneur should have. Understanding technology and making optimum use of it can lead a business to great heights. Also, people who have affinity and ease in using technology are more likely to assume and adapt according to the risk and opportunities. Efficient use of technology and internet can be an X factor for any business owner and entrepreneur.

As you develop your entrepreneurial skills, starting a freelancing or consulting business could be a viable next step. Our blog ‘How to Start Freelancing/Consulting Business‘ provides a detailed guide on setting up and running a successful freelance or consulting service, covering everything from finding your niche to attracting clients.

If you’re interested in scaling your business operations, consider learning how to build a service outsourcing business. Our blog ‘How to Build a Service Outsourcing Business in 2024‘ provides insights into the future of outsourcing and how you can position your business to take advantage of emerging trends in this sector.

3. Resilience

Resilience is the most common skill/ factor that all entrepreneurs should have. It is an ability to adapt and face any challenges vitally. Uncertainty is the most certain thing in a business, so resilience will not only help entrepreneurs face the situation but will also help in taking risks accordingly. 7 out of 10 businesses usually face failure in the initial stages. Where on one hand most entrepreneurs surrender at the first stage itself, resilient entrepreneurs try to learn from their mistakes and come back even brighter and shiner. Identifying problems, looking for solutions, the impact, and the effect of the decision is what the resilient entrepreneur emphasizes. In short, resilience means learning from failure, celebrating mistakes and becoming a better version of yourself.

4. Leadership

An entrepreneur should be the one whom people look up to. So leadership is also an extremely important factor. Leadership is not a skill but rather a quality. Every employee looks for a leader who adopts new technologies, lessens operational tasks, is creative, and is also one who is able to fulfill the business’s objectives and demands. All these characteristics are encompassed by a transformational leader, who is open to change and can be easily approached by employees. So transformational leadership skill is the key to a cordial relationship between employee and entrepreneur.

5. Ethics 

An inherited value rather than a skill. Ethics will not only develop the business but will also help in developing goodwill and image in the mind of people. Also, each and every employee, staff and stakeholder will feel happy to join forces and work with you if you are ethical and have strong principles. Ethics means having knowledge of right and wrong and being ethical means doing things rightly. Ethics help businesses in taking quick decisions and also in long-term business benefits.

6. Emphatic

An entrepreneur must be empathetic. He/she should not only understand the needs of clients but also help them accordingly. An entrepreneur should listen to everyone and respect others’ decisions too. Empathy means keeping yourself in someone else’s shoes and analyzing the situation accordingly. This will not only help in increasing business but will definitely help in maintaining a good relationship with all.

7. Attitude

Attitude is the factor that determines the fate of any entrepreneur. It is not a personality trait but a skill that helps every entrepreneur. It stands for the way you carry yourself. So an entrepreneur should be achievement orientated, goal orientated and should have a never-give-up attitude. An entrepreneur should always have a plan B ready to take into consideration, ready to face failure, and responsive to the situation. So the attitude of an entrepreneur decides the fate and span of any business.

Here is also a list of YouTube channels that will help you in learning digital marketing and freelancing.

To further enhance your skills in digital marketing and explore entrepreneurship, check out ‘YouTube Channels for Business Owner and Entrepreneurs.’ This blog lists top channels that provide valuable insights and tips for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping you stay updated with the latest trends and strategies in business and marketing.

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Gyanendra Biswal
Gyanendra Biswal
Finance graduate and accountant by profession, Gyanendra loves writing as a hobby. Gyanendra likes reading and writing about the world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship and asset building. He even has his own blog named – gyansblogs. Do give that a read too! 

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