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List of ESIC Hospitals and Dispensaries in Uttar Pradesh

“UP” typically refers to Uttar Pradesh, a state located in northern India. Uttar Pradesh is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and diverse population. In the context of healthcare, hospitals play a critical role in providing medical services, improving public health, and contributing to the overall well-being of the residents.

Importance of hospitals in Uttar Pradesh

  • Healthcare Access: Hospitals are essential for providing accessible healthcare services to the vast population of Uttar Pradesh. The state has a significant number of people, and hospitals serve as primary healthcare centers for medical consultations, diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries.
  • Emergency Care: Hospitals, especially those with emergency departments, are crucial for providing immediate medical attention to individuals in critical conditions. They handle cases such as accidents, trauma, heart attacks, and other life-threatening situations.
  • Disease Control and Prevention: Hospitals play a crucial role in controlling and preventing the spread of diseases. They diagnose and treat infectious diseases while conducting vaccination drives to protect the population from various illnesses.
  • Maternal and Child Health: Hospitals in Uttar Pradesh are vital for ensuring the health and well-being of mothers and children. They provide prenatal care, delivery services, and postnatal care to ensure safe childbirth and healthy infant development.
  • Specialized Medical Services: Many hospitals in Uttar Pradesh offer specialized medical services such as cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and more. These services cater to specific medical needs and contribute to better healthcare outcomes.
  • Medical Education and Research: Some hospitals in Uttar Pradesh are also associated with medical colleges and universities. They play a significant role in medical education, and training future doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Additionally, they contribute to medical research and advancements in healthcare practices.
  • Public Health Initiatives: Hospitals often participate in public health initiatives such as health awareness campaigns, blood donation drives, and community health programs. These initiatives help educate the public about health issues and promote preventive measures.
  • Crisis Management: During natural disasters or public health crises, hospitals become key centers for managing the crisis, providing medical aid to affected individuals, and coordinating relief efforts.

Overall, ESIC hospitals and dispensaries in Uttar Pradesh are key components of the state’s healthcare system. They provide essential medical services, promote health awareness, and contribute to the well-being of employees and their families across various regions.

List of ESIC Hospitals in Uttar Pradesh

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Halwai Ka Bagicha, Agra 2601408,

Telephone No. 0562-2601408/9412309020

VOIP No. 40562001-40562004

Email ID: Ms-agra.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Naini, Allahabad

Telephone No. 0532-2687457,9415295611

VOIP No. 40532002

Email ID: Ms-naini.up@esic.nic.in


  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Near Zoo, Azad Nagar, Kanpur

Telephone No. 0512-2560128/9935443143

VOIP No. 40512001

Email ID: ms-aligarh.up@esic.nic.in


  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, K-Block, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur

Telephone No. 0512-2643796/9839161856

VOIP No. 40512031-40512045

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Pipri, Renukoot

Telephone No. 05446-252761/9839876396

VOIP No. 45446015

Email ID: ms-pipri.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital Varanasi, ESI Hospital Complex, Pandeypur, Varanasi.

Telephone No. 0542-2506724/9559463647

VOIP No. 40542001

Email ID: ms-varanasi.up@esic.nic.in


  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, C.B. Ganj, Bareilly-243502

Telephone No. 0581-2560101

VOIP No. 40581001

Email ID: ms-bareilly@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESI Hospital, Murdhawa, Renukoot, Sonebhadra, U.P.

Telephone No. 05446252761 45446015

Email ID: ms-pipri.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, Near Aradhana takes, G.T. Road, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad

Telephone No. 0120-2630096/09958482938

VOIP No. 40120001-40120009

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, Sarojani Nagar, Near Purani Chungi Kanpur Road, Lucknow.

Telephone No. 0522-2470440/9935031769

Email ID: ms-lucknow.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, CB Ganj, Rampur Road Bareilly.

Telephone No. 0581-22480770/9336708456

VOIP No. 40581001

Email ID: ms-bareilly.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, Siddh Nath Ghat, Jajmau, Kanpur

Telephone No. 0512-2463012/9336224322

VOIP No. 40512098

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital(Model), Sector-24, Noida.

Telephone No. 0120-2411352

VOIP No. 40120031,40120050

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Sasni Gate, Agra Road, Aligarh.

Telephone No. 0571-2412664/9837153911

VOIP No. 40571001

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Near Model Town, Pandunagar, Kanpur

Telephone No. 0512-2217272/9415161053

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Sarvodaya Nagar, Opp. Kakadeo Thana, Kanpur

Telephone No. 0512-2296697/9839041162

VOIP No. 40512061-40512072

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Modinagar Near Raj Chaupala, G.T.Road, Modinagar

Telephone No. 0132-246484/9838872092

VOIP No. 41232008

  • Place/Address: ESIS Hospital, Saharanpur, Sharda Nagar, Saharanpur

Telephone No. 0132-2725452/9410788935

VOIP No. 40132001-40132008

Email ID: ms-saharanpur.up@esic.nic.in 

  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow-226023

Telephone No. 0522-2473814

VOIP No. 40522001

Email ID: ms-lucknow@esic.nic.in


  • Place/Address: ESIC Hospital, Pandeypur, Varanasi-221002

Telephone No. 9934364378

VOIP No. 40542001

Email ID: ms-varanasi.up@esic.nic.in 

List of Dispensaries in Utter Pradesh

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary PPS Vidhyalaya Deva Road Barabanki

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9415677877

  • Place/Address: GGIC Police line Chauraha Raebarely

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7376494935

  • Place/Address: UPSIDC Building Sandeela Hardoi

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9335365507

  • Place/Address: District Hospital, Campus Sitapur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9451567413

  • Place/Address: UPSIDC Building industrial area Jagdishpur Sultanpur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9336587788

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, C-22, 14 Rajaji Puram Aishbagh Lucknow

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9670276595

  • Place/Address : ESI Dispensary, Etawh purana Jila chikitsalya Etawah UP

  • Place/Address : ESI Dispensary,Farukhabad 4/30 adatiyan muhalla Farukhabad UP

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9140260183

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, District Hospital, Unnao

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9450124181

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Shop No-12 to 15, Bakshipur Sardarnagar, Gorakhpur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7052456490

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Near Jubli talkies, Distt Hospital Bhavan, Gorakhpur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9319347211

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Mahavir Jute Mills, Sahjanwa, Gorakhpur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9794162051

  • Place/Address : ESI Dispensary, Bardahiya Bazar khalilabad sant kabir nagar

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9839922806

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Bhadohi Gudpi Patti Badohi

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9450236433

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Old LIC Bhavan, Maunath Bhanjan,

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9455913670

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Mirzapur T.B. Hospital premisses Mirzapur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8887897063

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, 77/2 Mahaveer Nagar Firozabad

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9454544059

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Kila Station, Near Mall Godam, Medu gate, Hathras

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9997288509

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Mathura Badhpura Sadar Mathura

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9412577738

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Mainpuri Radha Raman Road Bhagavat Chauraha Mainpuri

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8650701400

  • Place/Address: Dulhinji Road, Town Hall, Varanasi,221001

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8318677394

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: motownhall20@gmail.com 

  • Place/Address : ESI Dispensary, Gajaraula, New Gyan Bharti Inter college, Awantika Nagar Gazraula

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7007303803

  • Place/Address: ESI Manduadih Dispensary, Industrial Area, Pachpendna, Mahmoorganj, Mandudih, Varanasi,221010

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9451182380

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: doctorharikesh4u@gmail.com 

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Mahbullaganj, Moradabad

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9457406925

  • Place/Address: Ravindrapuri colony, Lane no 10, Bhelupur, Varanasi

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 904489992

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: doctorharikesh4u@gmal.com


  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Quila Area, ESI Annex BLDG, Rampur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8077231191

  • Place/Address: Maryada Patti, Bhadohi, Sant Ravidas Nagar, 221401

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9450236433

Email Id: drnaseemansari@gmail.com 

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Awas Vikas Colony Sahjahapur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9450487226

  • Place/Address: ESI dispensary, Mirzapur T.B. Hospital Premises, Mirzapur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8423208427

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: moiesimirzapur@gmail.com 


  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, civil lines near allied talkies Jhansi UP

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9450335259

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Old LIC Bhavan, Maunath Bhanjan

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9455913670

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: mauesi275101@gmail.com 

  • Place/Address : ESI Dispensary, Najibabad Bijnaur near District eye hospital najibabad

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7351622226

  • Place/Address: Birla Market, Renukoot, Sonebhadra

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 8299876223

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: dr.akpatel03@gmail.com 

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Bulandshahar near District Hospital Bulandshahar

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9412621808

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Khurja UPSIDC Building Mudakhera Khurja Bulandshahar

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9873297913

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Sikandrabad Industrial Area Jokhabad Sikandrabad, Bulandshahar

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9873297913

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Hapur Modinagar mode Meerut Road Hapur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9412621808

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Shantinagar, rly. Road, Thapa Nagar near Rohta bus stand, Meerut

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9412709677

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, Meerut Ind. Area, Nr. SBI, Partapur, Meerut

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9808542480

  • Place/Address: ESI Hospital halwai ka bagicha AGRA 2601408

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9358141447

VOIP No. : 40562020

  • Place/Address: ALLAHABAD ESI Hospital naini ALLAHABAD

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9336001407

VOIP No. : 40532002

  • Place/Address: ALIGARH ESI Hospital SASNIGATE Agra Road, ALIGARH

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9412384798

VOIP No. : 40571001

  • Place/Address : AZADNAGAR ESI Hospital Azadnagar KANPUR

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9451545528

VOIP No. : 40512003

  • Place/Address : KIDWAINAGAR ESI Hospital Kidwai nagar KANPUR

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9335070891

  • Place/Address : ESI Hospital pandunagar,KANPUR

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7007737719

  • Place/Address : SARVODAYA NAGAR ESI Hospital Sarvodaya Nagar KANPUR

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9984795892

  • Place/Address : Renukoot ESI Hospital Pipari Renukoot

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9839876396

VOIP No. : 45446004

  • Place/Address : ESI Hospital Saharanpur sharda nagar saharanpur

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9410811150

VOIP No. : 40132001

  • Place/Address: 633/838, Brij Mohan Puri colony, khachapuri, Mati Hari Chin that, Lucknow

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 9453013393

  • Place/Address: ESI Dispensary, S538-129, Vindhyavasini Nagar Colony, Orderly Bazar, Mahavir Road, Varanasi

Telephone No. / Fax No. : 7570887534

VOIP No. : 00

Email Id: draprakash27@gmail.com

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Data collected from: https://www.esic.gov.in/

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