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How to make a LinkedIn profile for career goals attainment?

Not Facebook, nor Instagram, nor Twitter. LinkedIn is the key to reaching your career goals! Learn how a LinkedIn profile for career growth is the ultimate step tp take today.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media website for professionals. In simple words, it is the Facebook for furthering your career goals. LinkedIn was founded in 2002 by Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke, Reid Hoffman and Allen Blue. Its headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A. LinkedIn specifically helps in connecting professionals on a business level. A LinkedIn profile is a much better option as a stepping stone for your career. Since other sources can lead you to depend on third party HR agencies which are not always trustworthy. You can learn more about them in How To Detect Fake HR Agencies & Avoid Job Frauds.

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What is LinkedIn Feed?

A LinkedIn Feed is very similar in concept to a Facebook Feed. Your LinkedIn feed will showcase the updates published by the pages you follow and your connections. Since LinkedIn is a professional social network, these updates are usually related to one’s career. Hence, some of the news you would come across on your feed could be the latest industry developments, new job openings or work anniversaries.

LinkedIn has official pages of multiple well-known and smaller brands and companies. Hence, it is possible to go the official brand pages and Follow them. When you Follow a brand page on LinkedIn, all their updates appear on your personal feed.

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Similarly, other individuals also have their personal profiles on LinkedIn. You can add other people on LinkedIn as Connections. When you add someone as a Connection, you are able to view all their updates on your feed as well. Making a Connection on LinkedIn is similar to Sending a Friend Request on Facebook. The key to optimize LinkedIn for your career is having the right Connections. But on LinkedIn, you can only send Connection requests to people you are already familiar with.

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How this works is that once you make a Connection with person A, you become 1st level connections with A. Additionally, you can view person A’s Connections, which are your 2nd level connections. Furthermore, the connections of your 2nd level connections become your 3rd level connections. And you can send Connection requests only up to your 3rd level connections. Hence, the more 1st level connections you make, the more people you can connect to indirectly.

What is a LinkedIn Profile?

When you send someone a connection request on LinkedIn, they also get to view your Profile. Then they decide if they want to accept or reject your connection request. Hence, your LinkedIn Profile is like your online resume. It should highlight all your personal and career achievements. Having a good LinkedIn profile helps open many career opportunities for you. Thus, it is important to make your LinkedIn profile substantially impressive so that people and companies find you approachable and a perfect fit for their organization.

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Watch more details on the above topics to optimize LinkedIn for career below.

Tips for developing a good LinkedIn profile for career growth

  • The first important thing to pay attention to in your LinkedIn profile is your cover photo. By default, this is a blue coloured image. It should be changed to something which reflects your background or industry.
  • Next comes your profile picture. This should be your image only. It should not be a group image or an object image. An unspoken rule in creating a Linked profile for career purpose, is to use a profile picture with your image above the shoulders.
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  • Your Headline is the first thing which people view when they search for your profile. Hence, it should be eye-catching and reveal your career stats in short. It can either list all the companies you have worked at. If you are an entrepreneur then it can be the stats of your company and the position you hold in it. It can list your educational background as well or your passion in life.
  • Next comes the About Us section. this should give a brief detail about your career, future goals, passion and interests.
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  • The most important section is Experience which you should treat like your resume. It should list all the organizations you have worked at with your work duration, the position held and responsibilities at work there. The Description of each work experience should be written in bullet point along with stats and facts to make it more impactful. It is also advisable to add your internships in this section.
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  • In the Education section, you must include all your school and college degrees and diplomas. You can also add your final exam grade or marks if they were impressive. Furthermore, you can add all the extra-curricular activities you partook in. This could be any club activities or competitions you won. You can also include all your course certifications here.

Learn about top soft skills for a high salary job and touch skies in your job.

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  • Lastly, the Accomplishments section can name all your awards, tests and extra courses.
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  • A bonus tip is to add a professional and proper URL to your profile.

Once you are able to crack the first step on LinkedIn towards your dream job, the next step is to crack that interview. Learn more about passing those tedious job interviews in The Perfect Body Language | How To Crack Interviews.

Watch more details on making a perfect LinkedIn profile below.

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