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The Reality of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package

The package includes RBI and Pre- Tranche measures
It includes the liquidity of 8 lakh crores added by the measures of RBI in February, March and April and the 1.9 lakh crore Relief Package that was announced in March. So, the real amount of the Atma Nirbhar Package was half of what was claimed.

More than 95% of the firms ineligible for EPF Relief Measures due to the conditions laid by the government.
On 26th March 2020, the government announced that both the employer’s and employee’s contribution to the EPF would be paid by the government. This benefit would be provided to organizations that have up to 100 employees out of which 90% of them must be earning below Rs.15000/-. This condition has made almost all firms ineligible to avail the benefit.

A huge gap in figures quoted by the government.
The number of employees expected to benefit from the package reduced from previously quoted 79 lakhs to 72.22 lakhs, i.e. a fall of 10%, but the amount of benefit was reduced up to 48%. Such a gap in numbers raises questions about the ground reality of the relief package announced by the government.

Relief or Reforms?
In the second tranche of the Atma Nirbhar Package, the Finance Minister announced reforms in the labour code such as social security for unskilled and gig workers, reskilling fund for retrenched employees etc. The government has rebranded the pending reforms of over three years and marketed them as a part of the relief package. The government has either underestimated the nation’s intelligence or has forgotten that people need relief and not reforms at this time of crisis.

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Home Ministry withdraws circular on compulsory wage payment to employees

As per the MHA order dated 17 May, 2020, it can be concluded that henceforth i.e. 18 May, 2020 onwards, the employers cannot be mandated to pay wages to its workers during the lockdown period, when the establishments are under closure due to lockdown.

*The provisions shall apply prospectively and not retrospective.*
Hence, the 29th March MHA circular is valid till 17th May if not quashed by SC in upcoming hearings.

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ESIC Payment Date Extended

The ESI payment date for the contribution period from October 2019 to Match, 2020 has been extended to 11 June 2020. The interest and penalty will be charged. Only payment is allowed for an extended period.

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Kerala will not dilute labour laws, says Labour Minister

While states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat sought to suspend labour laws for up to three years to ease the burden on businesses during the lockdown, Kerala Labour Minister TP Ramakrishnan refused to compromise on workers’ rights. The state is exploring other ways to protect firms in the wake of lockdown relaxations.

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