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With 42+ years of experience, we are offering

payroll processing

Payroll Processing

Make us your virtual HR that’s way cheaper than an actual HR and also knows 44 labor laws

EPF registration

EPF registration
& Compliance

Managing a team of 20 or more is itself a challenge, do not let your plate get any fuller than it already is. Let us help you with your EPF registration and all the daunting monthly compliances and leave you unbothered. 

esi registration

ESI registraion
& Compliance

A growing business that is nearing 10 employees like yours, will need our help registering with the ESI Act and fulfilling the monthly compliances


Shops and Establishents Act

We are used to seeing poor UI’s of the govt websites and handling their complexities. So let us do this daunting task for you.

Factories Act

All factories need to maintain various records for surprise audits. Get your registration done and let us maintain the records and we’ll see the audit coming

labor law audit

Labor Law Audit

Our labor audit never fails to overlook anything. We will make sure you stay compliant for all the laws. Make us your annual auditors.

labor law consulting

Labor Law Consulting

Contact us for our advice on matters that are way out of your league

corporate workshop labor laws

Corporate Workshops
& Training

What’s the point of all these salary deductions when the employee fails to understand the benefits? Is your HR is always overwhelmed with the complexities of the labor laws? Call us for a workshop that will change the status quo


Years of Experience
Companies Consulted
Consultant Network
Payrolls Processed

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