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Open NPS Account with ICICI

    Fill this form to start your NPS Account Registration

    Keep these documents ready for Account Opening:
    1. Pan Card soft copy (Self Attested)
    2. Aadhar Card soft copy (Self Attested)
    3. Cancelled Cheque Soft Copy
    4. Passport Size Photo soft copy
    5. Signature soft copy

    Open NPS Account through Labour Law Advisor and get a dedicated Relationship manager alloted.

    Documents Required for Account Opening


    • You can open the NPS account till the age of 65
    • TIER 1 NPS ACCOUNT is for pension planning has withdrawal restrictions and enjoys EEE Status
    • Tier II for additional investments with no restrictions on withdrawals, but no tax benefits either
    • To enroll for NPS you need to select a pension fund manager of choice
    • The corpus is invested in equities corporate bonds government securities hence high return potential
    • You can control your own asset mix of equities corporate bonds government securities in active choice
    • NPS also offers auto choice option in which asset allocation is fixed as per your age
    • Premature exit allowed only after 10 years
    • Under premature exit only 20% corpus can be withdrawn; 80% to be annuitized
    • If your corpus is less than 2 lakhs you can withdraw entire corpus under premature exit
    • Partial withdrawal of 25% of contribution can happen after 3 years
    • It is allowed only for higher education or marriage of children buying a residential house and treatment of critical illness
    • At the age of 60 your NPS account matures however you can defer withdrawals till the age of 70
    • At maturity 60% of the corpus can be withdrawn as lump sum; its tax free
    • 40% of the corpus has to compulsorily used to buy an annuity plan from an annuity service provider
    • There are 10 annuity service providers (ASP’s) currently listed under NPS
    • Regular income earned through an annuity plan is taxable
    • Single life annuity gives annuity till the annuitant is alive
    • In joint life annuity spouse receives annuity after demise of annuitant
    • In return of purchase price annuity option the corpus is returned to when annuity payment stops

    No, you don’t have to pay anything extra for opening account with ICICI NPS Scheme as this is a government related scheme, nothing extra will be charged.

    • Pan Card soft copy (Self Attested)
    • Aadhar Card soft copy (Self Attested)
    • Cancelled Cheque Soft Copy
    • Passport Size Photo soft copy
    • Signature soft copy

    Facing any issue? Contact: 07506270607 (Jagdeep Singh)

    PPF v/s NPS