What if….

Hey Jagruk Janta!

This is Rishabh!

Today I would like to share an interesting experience with you. A story full of “what-ifs.”

It was early 2016, I had recently shifted to Jaipur for my tutoring startup, living at the company guest house with few other office mates. A couple of my colleagues had booked a home fitness trainer for the next morning at 7.00 and asked me If I would join. I needed to shed some weight hence, gladly agreed. The next day when I woke up it was already 7.45. I had totally forgotten about the workout session. Everyone else was sleeping as well, so I assumed the trainer must not have come. Which is quite common. I sleepily made my way to the balcony and there he was. A lean fit guy, waiting next to his bike, helmet in one hand. I waived and asked “fitness trainer?”, to which her replied yes, looking relived.

I called him up and then he narrated his plight. He had come to assigned location at sharp 7.00 but since he did not know exact house he was unable to find guest house. He had asked an elderly neigbour as well, but since we had recently shifted he had no clue. He called the collegues who had booked the session, but no response even after several tries.

I don’t know why he stayed waiting. any other trainer would have left. In our startup experience, we knew that many trainers would not show for demo classes, those who do go to demo class would leave even if having slightest difficulty in finding the address.

Anyways, we attended that class and I instantly developed admiration for this chap named Mandeep. He was very passionate about his health and was preparing for CAT. He was looking for such side hustles to support his studies and family. While other discontinued after month or so, I and Mandeep continued our morning training routine. Though 5 year younger to me, I always called him “Mandeep sir”. During our sessions I came to know a lot about him. About his dreams, asipirations and struggles.

In next one and half years or so many turning points came, he was good at studies and taught all his friends. Sadly, in first attempt all of them scored well, except Mandeep. With more determination he started preparing for next attempt. But during the 2nd CAT attempt, due to some administrative mishap he was not admitted in exam hall. Then he took a sales job at a startup but hated the sales practices they did and hence left the company after a month.

He had told me about his passion for making videos. I asked if he would like to start a youtube channel about labour laws with me. My family was into labour law consulting since 4 decades and I just wanted to learn more about the field. I also told him that the chances that channel will ever grow or would earn any money, are really grim. I thought who would be interested in labour law videos. Despite all this he agreed. On August 12th we created a channel named Labour Law Advisor and on 14th August 2017 we uploaded our first video. Rest is history.

Now why this story is important? Because it has so many what ifs … What if he had not come to our startup office and signed up as fitness trainer? What if he would bunk the demo class or leave when was unable to find house? What if he would have settled for any MBA college or the sales job he hated? LLA would not have been there.

Our story is testament to the fact that the only thing you can do it create opportunities and you never know when success knocks your door.

Soon it will be 4th anniversary of Labour Law Advisor, 4 years of friendship, 4 years of hustle and 4 years of best profession anyone can ask for. Thank you for being there with us.

Go create your opportunities!

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