Unbecoming Money Minded

Since time immemorial, humans have been obsessed with the thirst for wealth and power. Be it the rich or the poor, everyone is equally interested in money matters even today. It is one thing that is never outdated. 

However, this obsession is a prominent trait of the so-called “middle class.”  A middle class person always thinks of money, and mostly in terms of money. Be it going to a restaurant where we order something that can be shared, or the trip we never took, or an old T-shirt that becomes a dusting cloth or a mopping cloth. The middle class knows how to pinch a penny out of everything.

To add to this mindset, the pandemic brought a wave of financial influencers always talking about saving money, investing, and what not. Some would tell you to not spend on luxuries and be frugal, while others would sell you the idea of achieving financial freedom in the next ten years.

Being money minded is not a bad thing. After all, who isn’t? However, being a miser can make you a miserable person. All this bombardment of information online about saving and investing has led people towards an unhealthy mindset where they cannot live life to the fullest. It is not just your personal life that is affected, but also your professional life. 

We need to remember that money is not the end. It’s just a means to an end. Investing in stocks might make you rich or even broke if they tank. Whereas, your spending on your whims, fancies, and other things which are forbidden by these finance gurus is in reality a real investment on yourself, which helps you gain invaluable experiences that further broaden your horizons of thought and enrich your life. If a student keeps obsessing over savings, then when would he explore and learn?

You say LLA gives out such advice too? Not exactly. We very well understand the importance of living and experiencing life. Find this perspective refreshing? Want to understand our take on money and life? Check out this video!

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