These bonds have 100% return and 0 risk!!

I’m getting FREE accommodation whenever I travel to the US. Not because my relatives live there, but because Jake lives there.

Who’s Jake?
Back in 2017, when I had literally NOTHING in life, I started finding freelance work on every portal. That’s when Jake found me. He wanted me to edit real estate videos.

At the time, I was still learning to edit videos, but I made sure I delivered quality.
He kept giving me more work. We soon got to talking and became good friends.

He really wanted to meet me and even offered to pay for my flight to the US. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen. The prices were crazy and I politely declined. But he was SERIOUS.

We still talk from time to time, and he always says, “You’ve got a place to stay whenever you’re coming here, man.”
I don’t know when I’ll travel to the US, but I do know I’ll be welcomed by my good friend, Jake.

I invested in timeless loyalty bonds.
What are these? Let’s understand-

When was the last time you contacted someone without any agenda? How often do you make an effort to make a call to one of your ex-colleagues/ college friends to check on them?

Most people believe that the rich have an easy way of doing things in life because they have a lot of money. It’s not entirely true.
It’s also because they built connections and relationships that are now paying off. It DOES NOT take money to do that.

More than anything, it is the human-to-human bond that encourages people to help each other.  We often don’t realize this and continue chasing money until it’s too late.

You never know if a person you met only once could help you get a new job.

Not just professional relationships, but nurturing personal relationships are equally important. Happiness is when you’re around people who love you.

Just remember, chasing money might make you rich, but chasing relationships will make you wealthy.
So, keep connecting with new people and investing time and love in the relationships you already have.

In this podcast, Rishabh and I talked about how we met and how LLA became successful, purely because of good relationships and timing. Watch the full video podcast here.

See you next week!

Mandeep Gill ❤️

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