PF Compliance Simplified!

The EPF Act is one of the world’s biggest social security schemes with a contribution rate which is 4 times the contribution  rate of the ESI Scheme. More than 7 crore employees are covered by the act .  Owing to the huge number of employees covered by the scheme & its complex structure, there is a never ending demand of PF Compliance Experts. Hence, learning PF Compliance opens doors for many opportunities.
Why Learn PF Compliance? 
Scope for Job + ConsultingA person having the knowledge can work on well paid corporate jobs as well as can open her/his own PF Consultancy.
Recession Resistant ProfessionAs long as companies and employees remain, salaries will remain and as long as salaries remain,  PF deductions will be made and related compliances need to be done.
Recurring IncomePF Compliance is a very high grade profession in which you have to onboard a client once and he will be giving you recurring earnings with every payroll. People usually never shift from their professional consultants. Let say if you can onboard 5 clients paying 2000 per month then at the end of the year you will earn 1.2 lakh per month.
Work from HomeOne does not need to have a lavish office or a vast set up. What you need is knowledge and courage. It is one of the best professions for women who want to build an independent career.
Here we bring a course for you which will help you in learning PF Compliances. This course will cover Practical aspects of PF & will help you build an understanding of PF & Pension. Anyone can take this course and there is no minimum qualification required to opt-in for this course.
Why learn PF Compliance?Increased demand for PF Consultants. Can set up own consultancy and offer services.Flexibility to work from home. 
Who is this course for?
This online labour law course will be extremely beneficial for founders and entrepreneurs of new startups and companies. It will also benefit Consultants, HR managers, Chartered Accountants, Accountants of established companies. Additionally, HR students can supplement their course with these materials. One does not need to have any educational degrees in HR, accounting or law to partake in this online course.

What is covered in the course?
The course covers all concepts such as coverage,  calculation, registration, compliances, record keeping and practical aspects of PF.
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Who is your trainer?
Your trainer for this course will be Mr. Rishabh Jain. He is –
>Payroll and Labour Law Professional
>42 years Experience, 3rd generation 
>Advised 1000+ companies 
>Payroll process of lakhs of employee
>Founder of ‘Labour Law Advisor’ 
>Providing FREE information related to Labour Laws & Employment 

Discount on Pre-booking offer
The cost of this course is Rs. 18990/-. But under the pre-booking offer, this course will be available at a discounted price of Rs.8990 only till 17th November 2020.
After that, the regular price will be charged.

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