New Beginnings: Lead and Inspire

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New Beginnings: Lead and Inspire
The new year is a time when people make resolutions to make amends and progress in their professional, personal and professional lives. But once the grand party’s over everyone is back to square one! They sink into the same routine and the drill continues. Ever wondered why not tap into the new year spirit and energy of your employees and create a more inspiring and productive work culture. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the new year spirit in your office and create a happy work space.

#1 Personal is not a Taboo
Quite contrary to the international work culture, in India personal life/expressions/relationships(friendships) are usually frowned upon and often looked at as downright unprofessional. Whereas, if you ever visit a MNC office, you might be shocked to see that even the boss might have a picture of his family on his desk. Personal does not hinder, rather it empowers your employee to perform better.

So, this year let your employees have a personal space, let them display the picture of their family or pet, let them make friends at work . They are not there to conspire.
Let them work with the employee they get along with and you might be surprised to see what they can accomplish together  and how quickly!

#2 Share your vision
Avoid micromanaging the work your employees do. Create a system of accountability. Share your vision with them, let them know your strategy and how instrumental their role is to achieve the goal. Most importantly, reward your team when they perform well.

#3 The chain is as strong as the weakest link
Feel an employee is not performing his/her best? Figure out the issue. Is he/she going through something or it’s just not their forte? Pulling them up or just firing them might not be the solution. Moreover, it would send the wrong message to other employees. So, find constructive solutions to improve the situation. Let him/her work on group projects, empower them with latest training and create an asset for your firm.

#4 Ensure your employees feel invested
Instead of an “Us versus Them” attitude, develop a “we” attitude. Appreciate your employees for their smallest efforts, celebrate the wins together, sit and resolve challenges with them, listen to their concerns and ideas. These small gestures go a long way. You have their back and they will have yours.

#5 Provide genuine feedback
Provide your employees with genuine and constructive feedback about their work. Just saying “it is not good” isn’t enough. Let them know how they can do it better and meet your expectations. Do this twice and likely there will be no third time. They would know exactly what is required from them.

Here are a few statistics that will help you understand how a happy work culture can benefit your office. A research conducted by the University of Warwick (UK)  found happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. Whereas  happy employees experience 31% more productivity and 37% higher sales.

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