EPF Nomination

EPFO has been running a campaign to  ensure its members file e-nominations online through UAN in order to provide social security for their families or nominees. However, several questions have been left unanswered for the members. In this edition, we try to answer the majority of your nomination-related questions and simplify the process for you.

Benefits of Nomination

  • E-nomination facilitates the payment of Provident Fund (PF), Pension (EPS), and Insurance (EDLI) benefits in the event of the member’s death
  • It also makes it easier for the candidate to file claims online
  • You cannot apply for retirement pension

Requirements for e-nomination

  • It can be done both, offline (Form 2) or Online (e-nomination).  
  • List of documents required of the PF account holder
    • Your Aadhaar Virtual ID 
    • Aadhaar KYC should be completed
    • Mobile number linked with the Aadhaar card
  • List of documents required of the Nominee
    • Aadhaar and PAN of the Nominee
    • Bank Details of the Nominee
    • Digital photo (less than 100kb)

Nomination Rules

  • No set limit of the number of times you can change the nomination. Nominations can be amended online according to the wishe of the member anytime
  • There can be multiple nominees. Each nominee’s proportion of the fund can also be set by the member
  • A non-family member will be regarded as ineligible.
  • Friends/Sisters/Brothers do not qualify for nomination in EPF. 
  • Only Spouse, children, and parents can be nominated for an EPF account by the account holder
  • The guardian should be a member of the family, incase of a minor nominee
  • Following a marriage, new nominations are required. Any nomination made before that is considered invalid
  • Anyone can be nominated if the member does not have a family at the time of nomination. The nomination should, however, be changed to a family member once the member has a family
  • If no nominations are made, the funds will be split equally among family members. A major son/s (above 25 years) and married daughter/s aren’t eligible for the same.

Steps to file e-nomination

> Log on to http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in

> Login using your UAN and password > Profile > Edit Nomination Details

> UAN, Member ID, Establishment ID, Name, Date of Birth, Father/ Spouse name, Relationship, Date of Joining, Gender, and Marital Status are the fields that have been auto-populated from the database and cannot be altered

> Permanent Address and Present Address are the only fields on this page that can be changed. Click ‘Update’ to change any of these addresses

> When you click Update, you will need to fill in the details and assign the corpus as well as the KYC here

> Submit

Bonus: Click here for a step by step video tutorial on how to fill e-Nomination Form

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