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Today I would like to draw your attention to an ongoing scam. If you are looking for work from home you may face it. We at LLA get several mails and messages every day. DATA ENTRY SCAM. Let’s know it better.

What exactly is a data entry scam? 

Mahesh lost his job during the lockdown and is looking for an opportunity to earn while working from home. However, he doesn’t possess any special skills. So, he registered on many job portals as well as searched google for a work from home opportunity. His search ended when a company offered him a “Work from home data entry job”. No interview, No typing test, Not even a laptop was mandatory. They also offered a very lucrative salary.  Mahesh could not believe his luck and accepted the offer immediately.  As an onboarding formality Mahesh was asked to send a scanned copy of his signature for the contract and aadhar card which he promptly shared with the company.

Mahesh was given a username password. Pages would appear on one side and he has to type those the sa`me in designated columns. He worked to the best of his abilities. He would spend hours and hours everyday putting the data in the desired format. There were several issues with login, website not working etc. Anyhow he submitted whatever work he could. 

Two weeks later, Mahesh received a legal notice from the company accusing him of casual attitude at work and seeking compensation for the loss incurred by the company due to his carelessness.  He suddenly starts receiving threatening calls and messages telling him to pay up or face legal action. He also received calls, messages and mails from the court, police and the lawyer of the company. Worried for his future, Mahesh thought it would be wiser to pay the company and get rid of them once and for all. So, he deposited whatever savings he had in the account of the company. They did not leave him there, calls and messages kept on coming for more and more money, for a variety of reasons. Mahesh was trying to earn a living but was left with empty pockets and a loan.

Modus Operandi 

This is the common modus operandi of the data entry scam. There are 1000s of such work from home job providers and the process of such scammers remains more or less the same. 

Note that everything is FAKE.literally everything. 

Fake company, fake job,
Fake contract, fake advocate, 

fake legal notice, fake court messages 

There’s another trick that they use. After assigning you work, they call you by another company name, saying that they could do the work given to you for half the amount that you’ll be paid as a salary. For instance, if you are offered Rs.30,000, they would promise to complete your work for Rs.15000. This is another way of scamming you. They can also ask for money in against a security deposit, software, activation charges etc.

How to identify data entry scam?

First and foremost, please understand that almost all Work from Home Data Entry jobs are a SCAM. Look out for the following red flags:

1. The recruiter himself calls you with an offer – SCAM

1. High payout for seemingly less work – SCAM

2. No qualification check, no need of laptop – SCAM 

3, Signing of any sort of contract on a Stamp Paper – SCAM

4. Anyone approaches you to do your work at half the price or even less – SCAM

5. Demand for any money at any time from you – SCAM

Note: Today there are many free softwares sophisticated enough to convert any typed or handwritten page to word file or excel. No one is paying you to do data entry jobs from home. It is better to invest that time and energy in learning something productive which can actually help you in getting a job or earning as a freelancer. It is our constant endeavour to help people who have faced a scam and to raise awareness about it. We have created exclusive videos to expose these scams and to raise awareness regarding the same. Yet many people fall prey to these scamsters. If you have faced such a scam or know someone who has landed in one, then share your story.

You can share these videos on social media and many potential victims.
Data Entry Scam Real Story Resume Typing Scam Job Offer Scam

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