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(लेबर वेलफेयर फण्ड गुजरात)

Practical course on Labour Welfare Fund, Gujarat, inclusive of calculations

30 Modules

Practice Excel Sheets





  • Start your own consultancy
  • Certificate by labour law academy
  • Learn at your convenience
  • Career Growth
  • Hands on training, excel worksheets
  • 1st Practical course on payroll

1st comprehensive course on Labour Welfare Fund, Gujarat

Covers Theory as well as Practical Aspects

Applicable on all Establishments and all Employees

Bilingual Hindi + English

24×7 access for your convenience

Taught by Experienced Consultants with Years of Experience

Small amount Big Penalties

Integral part of Payroll Process

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As long as there will be companies, there will be employees and salaries.” So payroll processing is a must. Payroll processing in India, is a fast-growing field. Indian payroll and it’s calculation is quite complex. In India Labour laws & rules change from state to state. 100s allowances are given. So if someone has a good command on concepts, they have a great career. 

At present, there are no practical and concise courses available that teach Payroll Processing in a simple manner. Hence we have designed the first of its kind practical certificate course “A to Z of payroll processing”. This course starts from concepts, then teaches calculation of 10+ acts and finally helps you in processing full payroll with practical examples and practice sheets. Click on enroll now and start learning wherever you are.


Rishabh Jain

Mr. Rishabh Jain

Founder of YouTube Channels Labour Law Advisor

  • Rishabh Jain is a 3rd generation Labour Laws & Payroll consultant. He bring payroll processing & consulting experience of 42+ years 1000+ companies 
  • He is founder of YouTube Channels Labour Law Advisor with Million subscribers
  • He is a firm believer of Affordable & Practical professional training and has been doing the same since the last 3 years
  • His Videos has received over 40 Million views and have inspired many consultants, HR, Employers and employees.

course Topics

This course is divided into 3 sections

Concepts Sections

10 Modules - In this section, we will familiarize ourselves with common terminologies, rules and functions of payroll. We will cover Definitions, Allowances, Calculation methods & formulas, Leaves, Attendance etc

  • Introductions
  • Benefits
  • Calculation & Compliance calendar
  • Company Registration
  • Employee Registration
  • Payment Process
  • How to avail of benefit
  • Records & Audits
  • Q&A

Calculation Section

10 Modules - Here we learn the individual calculation of all laws affecting payroll. Such as PF, ESI. Income Tax, PTax, LWF, Bonus, Gratuity etc. We will do individual examples assuming that there are no other components.

Processing Section

10 Modules - Here we combine learning from the first 2 sections to process actual payrolls. Also we will discuss various reports in brief.

Who should take this course?

  • Owner / Founder / Top Management of company
  • Chartered Accountants / Accountants
  • Labour Laws / Payroll consultants
  • HR Manager / Payroll Executive
  • HR Students  ( Graduate & Post Graduate )
Active Users


HR. Accountant, students, consultants. With this course, you can create a base for starting your payroll consultancy.

We have divided this course into 3 parts, 

  • In part 1 we will cover concepts like salary calculation, attendance, wage definitions, allowances, leave etc.
  • In part 2 we will cover calculation of individual acts with an example such as PF, ESI, Bonus, Gratuity, Professional Tax. TDS.
  • In part 3 we will combine all to make actual payroll. We will do a lot of examples and practice sheets will be given as homework.

No, this course is on payroll processing and calculation part. We will have separate courses on compliance after this as the course is huge.

We will teach this on Excel. Once you get concepts you can use any software and in fact find mistakes many times in them.

The course will be of around 30 lectures.

The course can be watched at anytime till 1 year on your mobile at the time of convenience.

No due to security purpose.

Yes, 10+ lectures are already live in course remaining will be uploaded few every week.

Due to Corona, we are running this course at 50% off. If you need more discount please contact support.

Rishabh Jain, founder of labour law advisor and with the company in the payroll process for 42 years.

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LPTI Vision and Mission

LLA Profession Training Institute or LPTI is started with a vision to impart practical skill based training among indian professionals. The current education system does not provide in-depth practical training in skills needed in a job.With LLA course professionals can get hands-on practical training as well as required conceptual knowledge. That too in a concise and simple manner. Founders of LPTI have consulted 1000+ companies and have gained one million+ following online, Four point mantra of LPTI is:-

      • Practical Skill based training 
      • Industry expert trainers 
      • Affordable Pricing 
      • Trust and Transparency

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1st Comprehensive Course on Professional Tax Maharashtra Covers Theory as well as Practical Aspects Live Demonstration of Registration Process, Challan and Payment Bilingual Hindi + English 24×7 access for your convenience Taught by Experienced Consultants with Years of Experience Integral part of Payroll Process Audit Requirement