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Consumer Court Complaint Filing Process

Often when purchasing things from stores or e-commerce websites, we find faulty products. As such when the sellers do not cooperate with us and refuse to replace the product or refund the money, we often threaten to take them to the consumer court. But how many of us actually are aware of the entire consumer court complaint filing process? So to make matters simple for you, we sat down with Advocate Naman Mohnot, an alumnus of NLU Delhi and Founder of Read on to know the entire process of Consumer Court Complaint filing process.

What is the Consumer Protection Act?

During the 1980s when India’s economy started booming and a lot of foreign companies started to come into the Indian market, it was seen that the end consumer was not getting great customer service. The products and services being delivered to the end-user were deficient. Ultimately, there was a need to have a law which would protect the consumer. Thus, the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 came into being. It is still into effect to this day.