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Best YouTube Channels For Job Seekers In India

Due to the pandemic, a number of individuals lost their livelihood, and the rate of unemployment shot up drastically. Many of the permanent employees lost their jobs as well. Therefore, in the current scenario, there are a vast number of job seekers in the country as well as the entire world. But before getting a new job, there are few important things that need to be taken into consideration. Things such as appearing for interviews, presentation, personality, confidence, and other factors are very important for the job seekers since the competition is so fierce. Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss some compelling points to keep in mind as well as the best YouTube channels to refer to as job seekers, for that extra boost!

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3 Most important factors for job seekers

1. Job reference/Lead

If you don’t have the reference or don’t know where there is a vacancy, you will end up going nowhere. You need to have information to act upon it. Hence, job references and potential vacancy leads are crucial things that job seekers need.

2. Methos of approach

Once you get the reference, the second most important thing is the way you are approaching the potential new job opportunity, the way you are coordinating, and the way you are asking for the job. The way you communicate decides half of your fate. So always approach with a greeting, then inform about yourself and where you got the reference from, finally following it up with your skills and experience.

3. Interview

Once you approach the job opportunity, you need to clear the interview as well to land the job. There are many things which need to be taken care of. In fact, there is no job without an interview. So interview can also be termed as the most important thing for job seekers.

Getting job references, knowing the best way of approaching a job, and having tips for clearing an interview are all very important. Here is a list of 5 YouTube channels for job seekers in India to help you prepare.

Top YouTube channels for job seekers

1. Praveen Dilliwala

Praveen Dilliwala is a YouTube channel where one can get videos related to education, opinions, jobs, motivation, and interesting facts. The motto of the channel is to provide unbiased and right information. It is helpful for the newcomers as well as the ones looking for a job change. Praveen Diliwala is a digital marketer by profession.

2. Sanjeev Kumar

This is a YouTube channel owned by Sanjeev Kumar Jindal. He is an HR professional for the last 27 years. This channel is based on how to get a job. The channel has videos related to full-time jobs, part-time jobs and freelancing jobs. Most of the videos cover freelancers and new job seekers. The videos on this channel are all explained in detail. The videos are usually lengthy and have a step-by-step guide.

3. Job Vacancy Result

Job Vacancy Result (JVR) is a YouTube channel managed by Sachin Chauhan. JVR, is a research-based YouTube channel that bridges the gap between job seekers and job recruiters. The channel mainly has videos of work from home, part-time jobs, data entry jobs, and many other job references. Sachin Chauhan is the creator of this channel. He runs a consultancy firm name JVR. JVR is an HR tech platform.

4. icoNIK Marathi

icoNIK Marathi is a YouTube channel in the Marathi language. icoNIK Marathi makes videos related to part-time jobs, full-time jobs, business ideas, job vacancies, work from home, job updates, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing in only the Marathi language. A unique feature of this channel is the videos, that are in the Marathi language and the focus of the channel is new job seekers and freshers. The creator is an expert and a digital marketing coach.

5. Fresherworld.com

Fresherworld.com is a YouTube channel as well as a job recruitment site. This channel covers jobs and recruitment notifications for all big companies and also notifies the upcoming government jobs. One can also search for a job in a special category such as defense job, banking job, and research job. Channel covers each and every detail related to job seekers, may it be interview clearance or interview preparation, or even related to the dressing sense and way of speaking. There are a number of videos relating to how to ace an interview, interview questions an interviewer usually takes into consideration, how to answer the questions, and how to carry yourself.

Key Point for job seekers

Job is like an exam. Unless and until you don’t know the subject, syllabus, solution, and date, you are not going to clear it. So be thorough with the syllabus, and keep the date of examination in mind to clear your exam. And the most important factor is that you need to have the confidence and the ability to put forth yourself. You should have a ”Self-Pitch” ready. Self-pitch is a short brief about yourself, your skills, and your strengths.

Also, read how to apply for a new job as a fresher in India. Know the exact way to apply for the job. There are a number of people who come across job scams and end up paying a handsome amount to get a job but a few days later they come to know that the money they have spent is gone in vain.

To avoid falling victim to job scams, especially fake data entry jobs, read our real story on ‘Fake Data Entry Jobs: The Real Story‘. This article provides insights and warnings about common scams, helping you to recognize and steer clear of fraudulent job offers.

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