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Work From Home Jobs For Housewives | Earn Extra Income

Having financial independence is one of the biggest boons in life. But time availability, location access and other such factors may make it difficult for some to attend a 9 to 5 office job. Especially, if you are a homemaker, this may be an additional task on top of your household responsibilities. Hence, in this article, we discuss some amazing work from home jobs for women. These work from home jobs are perfect for housewives too since the timings are flexible and you can do them at your own convenience. Apart from housewives, even students can try their hand at these work from home opportunities.

List of work from home jobs for housewives

1. Make and sell your art and craft online

If you are good with any sort of handiwork then you can monetize it. With the availability of internet, reaching people far and wide has become easy. There are a multitude of online platforms where you can market your products. All you need to do is know what handicraft you are good at. Once you are aware of it, you can create a few samples and post it online on your social media with your pricing and contact details. Then you can take orders and create more of those products and sell them to customers.

You can make and sell the simplest of things like envelopes and paintings to more intricate ones like knitted stuff or pottery. As long as your work quality is good people will want to buy it. You can also make use of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa and others to sell your handiwork. Although these platforms will take a small commission for selling your products on your behalf. But they will take care of delivery.

2. Bed and breakfast

If you have a spare room at your residence then you can let it on a day-to-day basis. You can rent it out to tourists and visitors in the city by running it as a bed and breakfast service. Breakfast service has to be included in such situations. This is an ideal work from home job for housewives with older children who don’t live at home anymore. Their spare room can be put up on rent. You can even include more meals with the service and charge a higher rate accordingly.

For bed and breakfast, you can advertise on online platforms such as Airbnb, GoIbibo and MakeMyTrip. The platform will charge some commission per person though.

3. Baby sitting and running creche

Many working mothers often look for safe places to leave their children during work hours. If you are good with kids and adept at handling them then you can run a creche at home. Women can leave their kids at your home where you can babysit them. If possible, you can even store some toys for kids to play with. This work from home job is again suitable for housewives who spend their day at home and have spare time to help out fellow women!

You can advertise about this in your locality through pamphlets or WhatsApp messages. You can also post about it on your personal social media accounts.

4. Dense cleaning

Cleaning of homes becomes difficult for older people living alone or even working professionals. In such situations, you can offer cleaning services where you visit someone’s home and deep-clean it. For this, you can list the cleaning services you will provide and your charges for it. You can start this from your complex or your locality and then broaden your scope when you can add more team members. Start small with yourself and maybe a helper. Get some basic cleaning tools to take on the job. And slowly make it a bigger team visiting further places and doing more bookings in a day.

5. Laundry and ironing

Working professionals, students and others need clean and ironed clothes on a daily basis. But the traditional laundry and dry cleaners may not be their best choice as the service is either not up to the mark or too expensive. Here, you can start taking small orders for cleaning and ironing clothes of people in your complex or locality. This work from home job is convenient for women and housewives as you can do it freely at your time. You don’t even need too many tools for it, just a washing machine or cleaning lady and an iron. Make sure to package and present your final work properly to leave a good impression on customers.

6. Corporate and wedding gift wrapping

Corporate offices and weddings require gifts to be wrapped on a large scale. Especially during festive season, offices look at gifting their clients and employees. If you are good at cleanly wrapping packages then you can talk to them and take these orders. Gift wrapping is a great work from home opportunity for housewives. You will only need a few wrapping papers and cellotape and scissors. Things easily available at home itself.

You can even crack a deal with gift shops where you wrap packages for them and deliver it to them.

7. Mehendi designing

Every Indian festival and function requires females to dress up and look their best. Most of these functions, like weddings, Teej, Gangaur, also have women put mehendi. Even wedding parties require mehendi artists for the whole day. If you have the skill to create mehendi designs then you can either visit customer houses or invite them to your home. It is advisable to start your prices low and increase them slowly, once you start getting more customers.

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8. Freelance experts

If you are adept at any skill then you can offer your services to teach them or perform them. For instance, teaching yoga, art, music, dance, musical instrument, or cooking. You can also take bookings for doing client makeup or hairdressing. You can even take monthly bookings of skincare services like facials, medicure, manicure, threading, etc.

These services can be done at your own home or at client’s home. You can also avail platforms like UrbanClap and Qriyo to find customers. But these platforms will charge a commission.

9. Stitching and embroidery

Housewives can try creating and selling embroidered handiwork or stitched clothes. These are especially in demand for babies and their clothes or bibs. It can be hand-stitched or even machine stitched. You can create these materials at home and advertise them online.

10. Tiffin service

If you are a skilled cook then you can run a tiffin service. You can cook meals and serve to corporate offices or outstation college students. If you can bake then you can also do baked goods or icing of cakes. These are easy work from home options for housewives who can take out some time from their day and monetize their cooking skills.

Watch the video on work from home jobs for housewives below.

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