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Why Should You Start Attending LLA Webinars?

A webinar is an online seminar or workshop or boot camp that is delivered over the internet. The webinar allows the speaker to speak, share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, and much different stuff. It usually has visual and written components, these components are shared using the internet and web conferencing. Also, the audience can speak or ask questions to the moderator or speaker regarding their query and problems. Webinars are widely used across all industries loved within the B2B space. In recent times most influencers and digital marketers use webinars as a platform to sell their courses, services, and products. Also, several free sessions are conducted just to share awareness and literacy. This blog discusses the structure of LLA webinars particularly, and how they will make a big difference in your life!

What is LLA webinar?

The webinar which is held by Labour Law Advisor is known as the LLA Webinar. Now, who is a Labour Law Advisor? Labour Law Advisor or LLA is a YouTube channel that was started as a medium for educating the masses on labour laws such as salary structure, PF, ESI, etc. But as of now, it has evolved to provide in-depth videos on Labour Laws & personal finances. Creators of LLA are labour law decoder Rishabh Jain and money-minded Mandeep.

So in the LLA webinar, topics covered are mainly related to labour laws, HRs, finance, employee benefit, investments, savings, career, and so much more. If you’re diving into real estate investments or need to evaluate property, don’t miss our detailed guide on ‘How to Find Fair Market Value of Property‘. This blog will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to accurately assess property values, enhancing your financial discussions in our webinars. The focus of webinars is making sure that the employees, investors or audience watching the webinars do not get exploited and are completely aware of the pros and cons of every situation.

Learn the art of managing your finances more effectively with our blog on ‘Budgeting: A Powerful Tool to Save More Money‘. This guide will help you understand how to create and maintain a budget, a fundamental skill that complements the financial education provided in our webinars.

LLA webinars

Who can attend the LLA Webinars?

Everyone wanting to gain knowledge and information in detail can attain an LLA webinar. The webinar is for all, be it employees, students, job seekers, employers, HRs, or investors, everyone can watch the webinar. Anyone having queries about savings schemes, investment schemes, suggestions on best schemes in the market, or questions regarding labour law can be part of the LLA webinar.

Real estate investments can be tricky and fraught with potential frauds. Protect yourself by reading our essential guide on ‘How Can You Avoid Real Estate Fraud?‘. This resource provides crucial insights to safeguard your investments, complementing the financial advice shared in our webinars.

How to attend the LLA Webinars?

Attending the webinar is very simple. You need to log in to your YouTube account and search for LABOUR LAW ADVISOR. The webinar is only available for exclusive members and to view the webinars of LLA you need to become an LLA member. For becoming an LLA member, you need to click on the Join button beside Subscribe. Once you click on the Join button you will see the payment page. There you will see the payment option of Rs 159/month. Once you make the payment you are all set to enjoy the exclusive members-only webinars. Having the LLA memberships also helps in various aspects such as:

  • Exclusive Telegram channel
  • Exclusive WhatsApp group
  • Webinar with industry experts
  • LPTI institute courses
  • Loyalty badge

This membership is helpful to watch webinars and allows asking direct questions to the speaker. Once you become a member you can easily resolve your queries by asking the expert or our LLA speakers.

Who are the speakers in LLA Webinars?

Rishabh Jain is co-founder of LLA and host of LLA webinar. Rishabh is an IIT Bombay graduate and a third-generation labor law consultant. With 43 years of exposure in labour law consulting, he took his family’s legacy digital with LLA. In 2019, he cofounded ThinkVID, India’s one-of-a-kind annual YouTubers’ conference, joined by 17 big YouTubers, 20 well-known brands, and 300 fellow YouTubers.

Mandeep Gill is co-founder and the host of the LLA webinar. Apart from being a labour law and finance enthusiast, Mandeep is also a photographer and an amateur filmmaker for kicks. Interestingly, he started his career as a freelance fitness consultant and then went on to become a freelance content creator with clients from the US, UK, Israel, etc., before he finally made LLA his full-time focus. In 2019, he cofounded ThinkVID, India’s one-of-a-kind annual YouTubers’ conference, joined by 17 big YouTubers, 20 well-known brands, and 300 fellow YouTubers.

The webinar is an interactive session. The speakers are industry experts and professionals who have mastered their own fields and possess years of experience. The speakers usually helm from the fields of CA, legal, labour law consultant, investors, freelancers, and a lot more.

Previous webinars sessions

So far, 29 webinars have been held. Topics like PF issues and its resolution were discussed with Sumit Mukherjee, how to maintain the engagement of employees were discussed with Akansha Maheswari, also A to Z about NPS was covered with CA Vikrant Pawaskar. Recruitment and designing concept was cleared with the help of Bhavik Rangunwala and Alok Trivedi, compliance that needs to be done and retrieving and protecting of your wealth, ESIC benefits, workplace ethics, and recruitment tricks are also covered with speakers like Dayanand Mangonkar, CA Vikas Jain, Shubham Sharma, Neha Koshy, Esha Shekhar and Chetan Shrikant.

Topics on career, code, income tax, RTI, unfair practices, wages act, the role of HR were discussed in webinars with Anurag Singhal, Amir Singh, CA Rohini Kumar, Talakshi Dharod, Shashikant Banudas Savale, Anandan Subramanium, DR R Krishna Murthy. There are also various other topics and speakers who were part of LLA webinars and have contributed a lot.

Become the exclusive member of LLA and enjoy the great opportunity of interacting with the industry experts. Get knowledge and solve your doubts and queries. Not only can you enjoy the future webinars but you will also have access to the past webinars.

Join the LLA telegram group for frequent updates and documents.
Download the telegram group and search ‘Labour Law Advisor’ or follow the link – t.me/JoinLLA

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Gyanendra Biswal
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