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What is CE Marking?

Go and check all of your electronic products. You are likely to find a common mark on all of your electronic products called a CE Marking. But what is this and why it is important?

CE Marking

What is CE Marking?

CE” stands for “Conformitée” which means “European Conformity”. CꞒ is the symbol of CE marking.

What is the use of CE marking?

When a product bears the CE mark, it serves as the manufacturer’s declaration that it meets the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation, referred to as Product Directives in practice. It indicates to government officials that it is legal to sell the product.

It also ensures that a product can be freely exchanged within the EU & EA. An EEA (European Economic Area) customs officer or enforcement/vigilance authority can withdraw non-conforming products with a CE Marking.

Principle of CE Marking

It may only be applied to items that are covered by a particular community harmonization legislation, and it may not be applied to any other product. Only the manufacturer or his authorized representative can affix the CE marking.

The affixing of markings, signs, or statements to a product that is likely to mislead third parties about the meaning or form of the CE marking is banned. Any other marking may be applied to the goods as long as the visibility, readability, and meaning of the CE marking are not harmed. In case of improper use of the CE marking, member states shall ensure that the CE marking regime is correctly implemented.

Steps for CE Marking

  1. Determine which CE directives apply to your product.
  2. Understand your product’s essential requirements.
  3. Evaluate if you need third-party certification
  4. Examine product conformity
  5. Create & maintain technical documentation
  6. Conformity declaration & affixing the CE Mark

If you see a CE marking on any product anywhere then you can be rest assured that the product is safe to use.  

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