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A To Z Of Payroll Processing | Online Labour Law Course

The labour law field is extensive and covers a multitude of things. At the same time, it is extremely important to be knowledgable of all current labour laws. Since it is compulsory to be compliant with these laws to avoid any penalty from the government which may put your business in jeopardy. We searched high and low to find the perfect online labour law course for you. Yet some were incomplete while others were too expensive. Hence, we are ready with our own online labour law course for everyone. Read on to find out more details on this course below.

About Us

We manage a YouTube channel called Labour Law Advisor, with over 900,000 subscribers. Herein we share knowledge pertaining to labour laws and employment for the last three years. We have also have been in the labour law field for three generations in the past 40+ years. We process payrolls for 1000+ companies and lakhs of employees on a monthly basis

Who is this course for?

India’s labour laws are some of the most complicated ones in the whole world. As such it takes time and patience to understand them. The course aims at understanding the core functions of any company. This online labour law course will be extremely beneficial for founders and entrepreneurs of new startups and companies. It will also benefit Consultants, HR managers, Chartered Accountants, Accountants of established companies. Additionally, HR students can supplement their course with these materials.

Furthermore, one does not need to have any educational degrees in HR, accounting or law to partake in this online course. There is no such compulsion. Although, a Commerce student will be ideal for this course since they will be familiar with the jargon and accounting details. But anyone with strength in numbers and patience can undertake it. There are also payroll softwares available for this purpose, but they are not the best solution. Since India has both central and state labour laws, which vary state-wise, it is best to have knowledge of these yourself. And not just rely on computer software.

What are the responsibilities of a payroll executive or consultant?

  • Maintaining all employees’ records that have ever worked in a company.
  • Undertaking the joining and exit formalities of an employee.
  • Keeping a track of attendance of all employees.
  • Doing the monthly salary calculation of all employees.
  • Keeping a track of additions and deductions to salaries of all employees.
  • Managing salary disbursements for all employees.
  • Maintaining the statutory compliances with mandatory labour laws.
  • Doing an audit for the firm.

Online Labour Law Course Structure

Part 1: Concepts

A glossary of all important definitions and jargon:

  • Salary/Wage definition
  • Payroll definition
  • Allowances definition
  • Attendance definition
  • Leave definition
  • List of holidays and festivals

Part 2: Learning Calculation

Non-Statutory components:

  • Arrear
  • Advance
  • Loan
  • Incentive
  • Penalty

Statutory components:

Part 3: Processing

  • Company details
  • Employee details
  • Rules and setup
  • Inputs
  • Processing
  • Reconciliation
  • Post processes
  • Output (reports)
  • Working examples

What’s not covered?

The post payroll individual compliances of acts will not be covered. Since each act is huge and has a log of compliances to follow. Separate course on various acts will be launched later on. This course will serve as a base course for beginners. Furthermore, the determination of wages is up to management. We will help you with deciding the rates as per law such as the minimum wage and Code on Wages.

Enrol for the course

Prebook for the online labour law course before 1st April 2020 to get the special discounted rate. Prebook now! Prices will increase soon!

Watch the detailed video on this below.

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