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Join The Indian Labour Law Community Of Consultants

Let us begin with a story that will help you to understand why are we writing on labour law consultants.

Once there was a farmer, who had four sons, but all of them never understood the meaning of unity. The farmer was worried but had a brilliant idea in mind. He asked his four sons to get some wooden sticks. After they arrived with the sticks, he asked his eldest son to pick one stick and break it. It was an easy affair and his son broke it into two pieces within seconds. Good enough! Now, the farmer tied all the wooden sticks together with a rope. Again, he asked his son to break it. All four sons tried, but none of them could break the wooden stick bundle. The farmer now explained, if you have unity among yourself then it will be hard to break the bond. Let us now go ahead and read about a unified consultancy of labour laws.


Labour Law Consultant Community

This story entails the fact that we as Labour Law Advisors are trying to join in all the Labour Law Consultants together. If you are an employee, employer or HR, make sure you share the information with your labour law consultants too. It will be highly beneficial for all the sectors in the long run. Here, in this article, there is a complete description of our activities as we set out to unite the Labour Law Consultants all over the country.

With a small stepping stone, we have fostered certain ideas that will immensely help employees, employers and the coming generations.

What do we intend to do?

There should be a WhatsApp Group for all the labour law consultants functioning in India along with a prominent website. With the help of these fast and easy communication mediums, many small and important messages and information can be shared with everyone. Let us see what are the important aspects that will be covered.

Client Enquiries

As consultants, we get a lot of queries from working staff as well as employers from various parts of India. If we have a unified platform, then it will be easy for us to transfer the query to that particular state. This will not only help people who ask questions, but also the respective state consultants in enhancing their productivity.

labour laws


If you don’t know, then let me tell you, labour laws are uncountable! As you know there are a lot of amendments that take place frequently. With a unified platform, all of us will be able to keep updated about all the important changes, so as advisors we can be a helping hand.

labour laws


When all the advisors come together, it will be easy to manage and disburse information to others. There are a lot of consultancies who do not wish to inform others about significant issues. To combat this kind of problem, there is a need to develop a consolidated stage, so that, essential discussions can be shared and spread across the country. All the concerning members should cooperate with each other.

labour laws


The major sector where people find troublesome procedures. It might so happen that you are consulting with different states and the inspection policies are not helping. The medium for a common group of consultants will help you to understand audits and how inspections can be made much less strict.

labour laws

A Voice

A very essential aspect is that when we create a forum, we ask people to voice their opinion. On the other hand, a voice is necessary to spread awareness. If one person speaks, there is a high chance of him getting ignored, but at the same place, if more than 3 or 4 people speak, it signifies that the group is here to say something important. In the case of audits, if ICAI, the Federation for Charted Accountants speaks, it has some weight. A small businessman cannot reach a wider audience, but when TRAI states, something, it reaches all the ministries of the nation.

As a team of consultants, if we unite together, we can make a better platform for employers, employees and other important sectors to be heard. The petitions, the issues and all other significant queries can reach the Labour Ministry, ESI Department and the statements will have a proper representation too.

labour laws

Who can become a member of this group?

There are certain conditions which a consultant must fulfil to be a part of the labour law community. They are as follows:

  • A company or an individual must be a practising consultant.
  • The firm or individual should have experience of two years in consultation.
  • With all the right policies, the consultancies must be working for 10 firms altogether.

If you are qualified for this, then click on the link tinyurl.com/labourlawconsultants.

Follow the details and fill in the forms for the membership. For verification, there are some minimal questions asked on the form. This to identify fake entries. Upon filling up the form, from the team of Labour Law Advisor, you will be getting a call and they will conduct a background verification of your company’s status. Following that, you will be added to the WhatsApp Group.

So, if you wish to join the community follow these steps. So that, we can become successful in creating a platform which can act as a big organisation for labour laws structure. Watch our video for more clarification on this below.

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Join the LLA telegram group for frequent updates and documents.
Download the telegram group and search ‘Labour Law Advisor’ or follow the link –t.me/JoinLLA.
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