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How To Establish As An Advocate?

As young advocates who are entering the high court and looking at other advocates, we tend to get overwhelmed by the aura of the lawyers. With the stiff competition in the field of law, it is the need of the hour that the young advocates need some guidance that helps them to set a foundation. In this article, we are going to explain 10 tips that help you in establishing yourself as an advocate.

1) Build a good client base

  • It is imperative for aspiring lawyers to interact with people
  • Presence on different platforms helps to build a reputation.
  • This would attract potential clients and will uplift your career.
  • There are different platforms in which advocates could network with people whether it is offline modes like organization, social events, courts, etc, or online modes like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2) Set up your own office

  • It is expensive for the younger advocate to set up their own office where their meager salary does not allow them.
  • But it is essential because it creates a sense of identity for the advocate
  • It creates a sense of trust and respect between the client and the advocate
  • There are different ways to set up an office whether it would be an office with minimal expenditure or making friends with like-minded people establish an office that reduces your burden and expenses will be borne equally.

3) Invest in your Branding

  • Branding helps to create opportunities for advocates for getting clients and increase their earning potential.
  • It also creates a sense of trust with the clients improve the reputation of the advocate
  • It creates an emotional relationship with the clients.
  • There are different ways in which advocates could invest in branding like visiting cards, the advocate‚Äôs name on the board, social media promotion, social events, etc

4) Write articles in your free time

To further enhance your knowledge and tips on establishing yourself in the legal field, revisit our comprehensive guide ‘How to Establish as an Advocate.’ This blog is packed with actionable advice that can help you navigate the early years of your legal career, from networking to building your own practice.

  • Writing helps to showcase your expertise in your legal practice which helps to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • It helps to attract potential clients online and will get offers from them. It also helps in reaching out to people and staying updated.
  • Different sites offer article writing such as WordPress, Ipleaders, etc.
How to Establish as young Advocate I Must Watch Video for Lawyers, Law Students

5) Learn about the latest legal development

Engaging in public interest litigation (PIL) can significantly bolster your legal career by providing you with the opportunity to work on high-impact cases. Our blog ‘Public Interest Litigation‘ offers insights into how PILs operate and how they can benefit your practice. This knowledge can help you make meaningful contributions to society while establishing your reputation in the legal community.

  • Advocates must be well informed about the current developments in the legal world.
  • They should be aware of the judgments of the cases, amendments of the act,  sections of the law, etc.
  • This would help in participating in discussions with people that create a solid impression on them.
  • Different ways which help to be aware of the latest updates in the legal field by reading newspapers, journals, magazines, online blogs, etc

6) Client Meetings

Continuous learning is crucial for any legal professional. Expand your legal knowledge by exploring ‘Best YouTube Law Channels for Legal Knowledge in India,’ which lists valuable channels where you can watch and learn about various legal topics. These resources are great for keeping up-to-date with the latest legal trends and gaining insights that can enhance your practice.

  • Clients are looking for advocates who could fulfill their needs, provide information and plan the course of action for the case.
  • The job of advocates is to give information about the legalities of the case and find a common ground with the client.
  • The lawyer must also reassure their clients which reduces the pressure and gives a sense of faith to the advocates.
  • There are different modes such as the high court, office, or online such as zoom, google meet, etc

7) Non-Litigation Work

  • There are vast opportunities for advocates to work outside the court that will add value to their careers.
  • This will help to build new skills, deal with different kinds of people, gain knowledge of different sectors, etc which helps in the development and growth.
  • There are different non-litigation work such as Journalism, Legal consultant, author, career manager, teacher, etc.

8) Work on Tribunals/Forums

  • The advocates should be encouraged to take the opportunities and attend different forums other than the high court in order to uplift their careers.
  • Whether litigation or non-litigation, it is important for advocates to attend different forums like Consumer Forum, NCLT, etc which helps the client to present their cases.
  • It also helps in enriching their experience by understanding the proceedings of different forums.

9) Hardwork

  • The advocates need to work hard to establish themselves in the field of law.
  • Whether reading or drafting documents or preparing your arguments, advocates must be prepared for everything. You can read our guide to how you can improve your Legal Drafting.
  • This would help to talk to the clients with clarity, make arguments in court confidently, and eliminates technical problems that build confidence to work even harder

10) Patience

  • Patience is important for aspiring lawyers to develop skills.
  • It helps to listen to clients by taking notes on the details of the incident of the case, analyzing critically
  • Also, detects small points which lead to better understanding.
  • It also helps in being ready with filing because of the collection of evidence, monitoring the progress, and developing strategies to win the case.


Law is a vast field that has plenty of opportunities for young advocates to use them. This would help to enrich their experiences and identify the specialization they are interested in. Constant and conscious efforts toward self-improvement are the only way for young advocates for striving success. I hope these tips would be helpful in shaping your career.

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