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How To Apply For A Job As A Fresher In India?

Getting a job is one of the main hurdles in life. Rather, it can also be said that you need to get a job settled first in order to grow. Every year crores of students graduate and search for jobs. It’s not that there are no jobs, but certainly, getting a job is not possible for everyone. Some ask their relatives and acquaintances to look for a job, while some get a job with the help of connections. But there are still lakhs and lakhs of people and students who are deprived of getting a good job. So these people may use online portals to apply for jobs. Many times they come across cons and even pay money to get a job, but are unable to find a genuine one.

General tricks of scammers to scam job seekers

Many scammers buy data from many online portals. These scammers then give a call on your mentioned contact number and provide you details of the banking or data entry job. Once you agree to the job they charge money first; it may be Rs 16, 21, 31, 51, 125, and so on for exam fees. Once you pay the money they’ll again ask you for more money for processing fees, documentation, opening a bank account, training fees, and a lot of different stuff. 

Many students pay the money and keep on waiting for the next call, but they never get the call for the job. Also, the number used to contact him/her is either switched off or unreachable. The last thing a job seeker can do is either file a police complaint or get conned or just forget the incident and move on.

People who use portals to get a good job and a good income are instead made to pay money and different charges. This thing is really demotivating whether for a fresher or an experienced guy. Job is everyone’s basic requirement and this type of scenario hurts everyone. Understanding how to manage your finances is crucial, especially when you start earning. Read our blog ‘How Can You Build a Strong Financial Future with Simple Habits‘ to learn about simple habits that can help you build a strong financial foundation early in your career.

Also, there are many scammers who scam you by providing data entry or resume filing jobs.

So what is the correct way to go about it? How should one apply for a job? This must be the question arising in your mind right now. You need to apply for a job to get a job. But how do apply for a job? So let’s discuss three methods of applying for a job.

Proper method for freshers to apply for a job

1. Portal Method

Instead of using the traditional method of applying for a job instead try this method

  • Go to Google
  • Search for ‘jobs near me’ or whichever location you are searching for
  • Make a list of the jobs available and visit the official site of the job. If you find a sale’s executive job for HDFC Bank, visit the HDFC official website and do the signup formalities. Once done with everything search the role that you came across in google.
  • Apply for the job

By using this method you can reduce the risk of getting scammed. There are also many government sites where government-approved jobs are available, one can also apply through that portal.

2. Application Method

In this method instead of using the portal one can use the apps to connect for a call. There are many apps that provide the number of HR. So we can directly connect with HR and can ask for the new job opportunity available. Some of the direct connecting apps are:

  1. Apna
  2. LinkedIn
  3. WorkIndia
  4. Able jobs

3. Consultancy Method

There are many consultancies that help job seekers find their perfect job. You just need to approach the right one to submit your resume and application fees. Once the consultancy gets any recruitment opportunity based on your requirement, they will directly contact you and send you for an interview. There are some consultancies that take half of your first salary as their fees and there are some that don’t even charge a single penny for their service. This method is preferable instead of giving money to scammers, the consultancy method is more realistic and they genuinely help in your job search.

How to use LinkedIn for getting job reference?

LinkedIn is also a platform for applying for jobs. There are a number of job openings on LinkedIn. Connect with the HR of the organization you are applying to. Ask them if they could help.

  1. Make connections with HR and industrial head’s.
  2. Send them cold message
  3. In the message give a brief about yourself, your key features and your skills.
  4. Request them if they could help you for a job.
  5. If they give you the reference then go on with the further process but if they deny it, politely say thanks.

Why do 90% of freshers fail to get a job?

Follow-up is the main issue because of which 90% of job seekers fail to get a job. There may be a scenario where HR may have forgotten to contact you. So it is your task to connect to HR and ask about your selection. If HR says you are not selected then ask for the feedback of your interview, where you were wrong, where you need to make changes. This question creates a good impression on HR, maybe you are not selected now but they can contact you in the future if there are any openings in the organization.

This pandemic has created a buzz in the market, there are fewer job opportunities and the number of jobseekers is more. Because the pandemic bought a new rise in unemployment, job scammers got to work. Desperate job seekers are extremely vulnerable and easily fall victim to job scams. Day by day the number keeps on rising; in 2020 there were nearly 5 lakh cases of job scams and this number will keep on rising. So it is our responsibility to share awareness and help the new job seekers find their first job.

For a more comprehensive guide on valuable resources for job seekers, explore our detailed blog post on ‘YouTube Channels for Job Seekers in India‘. Discover channels that provide insightful advice and tips that can enhance your job search strategy and increase your chances of landing a great job.

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Gyanendra Biswal
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