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What are the Rights of an Indian Woman?

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” – Eckhart Tolle

In this blog post, we are going to strive to make one of our most crucial demographic of readers, women, aware. This post deals with the ten exclusive rights that our Constitution offers to all women. These are such rights that every woman out there must know.

Right to Free Legal Aid:

Which ruled out after a meeting at Delhi High Court; the rule states that a woman can go and lodge an FIR without asking for legal help from a lawyer. Generally, when a rape victim visits the local police station to file a complaint against the incident, the local police try their level best to avoid the same and force the victim to lodge her complain in some other police station. In such a case, keep these women right of yours in mind and ask the cops to arrange you a lawyer for free.

Right to Privacy:

In case of a tragedy, a woman has the right to register her statement in private and maintain the matter’s confidentiality. No police officer can force her to state in public; a lady constable or a magistrate should be assigned to serve the purpose.

Right to Untimely Registration:

If a female victim wants to lodge her complaint and she delays it due to unavoidable circumstances, then she has the right to register it at her time of convenience. The police can’t ignore her saying that she is late to file for the occurrence.

Right to Virtual Complaints:

This is for a female victim who is hesitant in visiting the local police station. She can directly report it by sending a mail to the police commissioner. The commissioner will then stand responsible to forward the same to the local police station. Also, the procedure is available for the physical mailing system.

Right to Zero FIR:

Which means your case is applicable in every police station you visit. Under Zero FIR no officer can refuse in lodging a complaint from a female victim.

Right to No Arrest:

All the women pretty well know that without a female constable no arrest can take place. But you might not know this, that from 6 PM in the evening to 6 AM in the morning no one can arrest a female without legal proceedings.

Right to Not Being Called to the Police Station:

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, you can straight away deny from visiting the police station. Instead, you can ask the police officer to visit your place and commence with the conversation.

Right to Dignity and Decency:

Every woman has the right to a dignified life free of fear, compulsion, violence, and discrimination. The Indian Penal Code punishes offences against women such as assault with intent to disrobe her or to affront her modesty, voyeurism, stalking, and so on.

Right to Confidentiality:

This covers all the Rape victims. No one has the right to disclose the name of the victim under any situation to the public, neither the media has the right to mention her name in any of the articles they publish.

Right against Domestic Violence:

You can approach the Magistrate with jurisdiction in your region and file an application with the assistance of a lawyer for the requested relief(s) against Domestic Violence, which include protection, custody, and compensation orders. Husband or his relatives can also be punished with the imprisonment which may extend to 3 years and fine.

Right Towards Crime and Not a Medical Condition:

It states that no one has the right to judge the happening as a rape or a natural occurrence. A doctor can only say whether the victim had recent sexual activities or not, irrespective of declaring it as a medical condition.

Right to No Sexual Harassment:

Companies have women rights, where the females are working, must set up a complaints committee for sexual harassment. The Supreme Court has made the above-said mandatory. The committee should have 50%, active female members who will try their level best to solve every woman’s right concern.

We hope that now you have a clear idea about the exclusive rights you hold as an Indian Woman.
Also, we hope that you are fully aware of all your exclusive rights by now. Empowering women right in the wake of #MeToo is a great initiative, and we all should make sure to follow the rights to form a safer place for the female gender.

Jai Hind!

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