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Education For Women Post Marriage | Strategy

It is extremely difficult for women to continue their education after marriage. With the added responsibilities of married life, girls often give up their ongoing studies. They get totally devoted to household chores or looking after their parents-in-law and other family members besides their husband.

They also get involved in bearing and rearing children soon after marriage. If women decide to continue their education after marriage, then they need the support of their in-laws and husband most importantly. But nothing can stop her if she has the will to do so. This will make her self- reliant and also proud of herself.

Financial independence after getting a suitable job will enhance her personality and her self-esteem. Since she is loaded with household responsibilities, it is up to her to balance her life with work and study. A lot of hard work and dedication will be required for women to acquire an education after marriage, but yes one can do it!

Education for Women: S.T.R.A.T.E.G.Y.

After marriage, marital responsibilities make it too hard to follow your passion. STRATEGY in life plays an important part in prioritizing your duties and your desire to study. Each letter in the word STRATEGY can be broken and given an extended meaning to clearly put forth the idea of how to practically go ahead with the completion of your education.  

S in STRATEGY – Sneak out time chunks 

There are lots of things a woman has to do every day. Thus, she has very little time for herself. It is important for women to find out time for her education, after fulfilling her duties and responsibilities.

In the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS”, an intern is hired as an insurance agent. He has to work from 9 to 7 every day. He also has to pick up his son from school at 5 pm daily. So, he manages to solve this problem by sacrificing his coffee and lunch breaks. He works during the breaks to free himself by 5 pm so that he could go to pick up his son without making his work suffer. Data feeding was a part of his job, so by increasing his typing speed, he could finish his work faster and take out time for his son. While working on the keyboard, he had to pick up the phone to answer calls. Hence, he started using earphones so he could simultaneously answer the calls and type as well as his hands were free because of the earphones. 

As a consequence, out of all the interns, he was the only one selected for the job. This inspiring story sets up an example that by utilizing some periods of time, women can multi-task to achieve their goal of completing their education by finding out time to study.  

T in STRATEGY – Time management 

Stick to a fixed schedule. Make a time table for the day and do not let yourself drift into distractions. Keep yourself away from the temptation of watching TV or spending time on mobile and internet. Fix up a time to go to bed and rise up in the morning. Set a fixed time for cooking or other household chores. Remember you do not have to study in remaining time but you have to take out time to study. You have to save time from your busy schedule and study. Only then it is possible for women to focus on their education.

R in STRATEGY – Right choice of course 

Right in the beginning be clear why and what do you wish to choose to pursue your higher education. Which area or field do you wish to work in later. The right choice of the course can help you in getting a job. Decide about the course initially, whether you wish to pursue post-graduation in the subject of your interest or do LLB or Chartered Accountancy or a course in beauty treatment to become a beautician later. Take the decision about the course you wish to pursue, then plan everything else meticulously. Fill up the forms duly, choose the tuition classes wisely and keep in mind the examination centres to avoid any hassles later. Executing the plan wisely is essential for women to achieve their education and career goals. 

A in STRATEGY – Aim and focus everyday

Focus on planning each day the chapters you have to study. If you start reading a book page by page it may get very boring and monotonous. Try to fix up the hours you wish to devote each day. A well-structured study plan can save a lot of time and yield good results in memorizing and revising the subject. 

T in STRATEGY – Time table of full course

Make a time table of the full course. Make a chart and plan out how to go subject wise and see that all important chapters are prioritized. Devote time for each paper and plan how to go about each paper and how much time to devote to each paper. You can do the same for your kids as well.

E in STRATEGY – Exam skills and entertainment

Some people study extensively but do not get good results. Make a list of the important topics and estimate how long each topic will take to revise. Revision is very important to do well before exams. The past 5 years’ question papers are a valuable resource. Practice answering past questions by timing yourself like a mock exam. Out of 10 questions asked every year, 5 are repeated. Select 20 to 40 questions and practice writing them. If the paper is in MCQ style, regular practice is very necessary. Regularly review your revision and if possible, get the mock papers checked by a subject expert to get the tips on how to write better. You will get to know your faults and you can correct them well in advance.  

Entertain yourself – eat well, exercise, get enough rest and sleep and take time out to relax during and before exams. This is an important part of exam skills. Stress will keep you from performing well in the exams. Take small breaks of 5 to 10 minutes to maintain high levels of concentration and recall.  

G in STRATEGY – Get help 

During and a little before exams, it is necessary to devote more time to study. During exams get some help to assist you in your household chores. Hire a house help so that you can focus on your studies. Take the help of your husband or other family members. You can also simplify your kitchen work by using kitchen devices and equipment like mixer, grinder, chopper etc. 

Y in STRATEGY – Yell

Anger is frequently a result of frustration and anxiety that you feel during studies. It is a natural reaction to your busy schedule. You have to find out ways to prevent and control the urge of yelling, shouting or screaming. Inappropriate and uncontrolled anger is harmful to you and your family members.

Yelling and shouting do no good for anyone. Get a whiteboard in your study room and write motivating quotes to keep you calm and composed during the years you pursue your higher studies. Counting to 10 gives you time to control yourself. Take deep breaths to overcome the impulse to lash out. Bring down your stress level with yoga and meditation.

Meditation and yoga is a good way to get rid of irritation and anger. Yearn for your goal is also important to overcome all the challenges you face during your study. Following your passion is an important mantra that will help you in achieving your career goals. Fulfil your dreams and ambitions, realize your goals by focusing on what you wish to achieve. If you are passionate about your career goal, nothing can deter you from achieving it. 

Check the video for more motivation and tips regarding education for women:

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