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Brainwonders DMIT | Low Investment High-Profit Business Idea

The latest series on Franchise Analysis takes you through various low investment yet high-profit business ideas. For the next business venture of this series, we visited Brainwonders, a DMIT institute in Mumbai, India. This franchise focussing in the education sector can generate anywhere from Rs 2 lakhs to more, every month. We sat down with Mr Manish Naidu, CEO and Founder of Brainwonders, for an exclusive interview. Read on for excerpts from our interview.

Mr Manish Naidu

How did Brainwonders begin?

We met Professor Lin, the brain behind DMIT, at an exhibition first. We trained with him for 3 months before launching this initiative. In the subsequent year, we also received the Best Student Counselling Award. Now we have over 108 centres across the country and over 340 institutions tied up with us. We have also conducted DMIT on over 2,80,000 students up till now. We have franchises in Zimbabwe, South Africa and soon in Nepal and Sri Lanka. With over 80 employees, the growth for Brainwonders has been phenomenal. We are the only brand in India to have the license for this US-patented DMIT technology.

Get in touch with Brainwonders here.


What is DMIT technology?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Dermatoglyphics is a science which studies the patterns of skin on the fingers, toes and soles of people. This study reveals the congenital links between a person’s talents and their fingerprint. Fingerprints usually develop in the womb when the foetus is in the 13th to the 21st-week stage. Research suggests that the distribution of the number of brain cells in the brains helps to recognize a person’s multiple intelligence as well as his potentials.

Dermatoglyphics has the following features:

  • Every fingerprint is unique hence dermatoglyphics style, striae height, density, quantity and location of the point is not also the same for every individual.
  • Fingerprints remain invariant in a person’s lifetime. Hence, dermatoglyphics study also remains invariant.
  • Fingerprints are also somewhat hereditary since immediate family members have similar striae.

What is the right time to do DMIT?

For a successful career, three needs are important – Academics, Interest and Aptitude. Dermatoglyphics helps us understand the aptitude of a child. Hence, if all three – academics, interest and aptitude align for a child, then there is no stopping them for being successful in life. For instance, I have an aptitude for Maths and Science while my wife has an aptitude for Arts. When we had our daughter, we wanted to know what was her aptitude? So we conducted the DMIT on her and found that her aptitude was towards music. So I as a parent need to help her progress in a field where there is not much focus on excelling in Maths but more in the interest of music.

Hence, now she writes poems in different languages and excels at public speaking. Having known her potential through DMIT, we were able to help her excel at her interest and aptitude. Since a child may not be able to recognize their potential at an early age, this is the parent’s responsibility. So the sooner a person does this test, the better because then they can realize their strength and potential. Once these two are known, it is an ideal situation to excel.

What we try to achieve here is the “Happy Child Concept”. A parent is happy when their child is happy. And the child can only be happy if he is not stressed out with unnessecary things which are not going to help his potential.


What is the process of DMIT?

We take the fingerprint scans on our device and send to Professors Lin and Henry’s Genetics Lab in Malaysia after 3 days. This fingerprint is thoroughly researched upon since no two prints are ever the same. A 24-page report is generated which is sent to us. We then counsel the individual and their parents on the results of the report. Our councillors are brilliant psychologists who provide a thorough session and explain the details of the report. They also help in analyzing the report and giving solutions of which paths to take.

Our councillors cover five topics from the DMIT report. Firstly, the person’s personality which plays the most important part. Secondly, a person’s learning style. Thirdly, we cover the person’s left-brain right-brain dominance. Fourthly, we discuss their innate potentials. Lastly, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses.


What is the Brainwonders franchise model?

One should enter into this education industry because it is a recession-proof field. No matter the situation, a parent will always look after their child’s best interest. Parents are also always going to question what their child excels at and what field they should go into. Which is where we enter and help them resolve the question by understanding the child’s psychology. All the capital expenditure entailed in this business is a laptop and a scanner which we provide. We would recommend doing this as a full-time job though or even tying it up with an existing institution which you run.

Once you test a child, their counselling will be recurring since they will come back with new questions each year. So your revenue will also be recurring. So if we tie-up with some pre-schools or educational institutions then that becomes a recurring business for you. Get in touch with Brainwonders here.

What is the profit margin for Brainwonders?

The costing for one child’s session is around Rs 3500 to Rs 5000 in tier 2 cities and Rs 6000 for metro cities. So the major expenditure for the franchisee would be the councillor/psycologist’s payment. Which even we can help with, where the franchisee can generate the report and we can conduct the counselling session via video calling.

Thus, if a franchisee were to do 50 child reports in a month at Rs 5000 each, they would around approx Rs 2.5 lakh a month. With a profit margin of 70-80%, even after paying the councillors, the franchisee can earn close to Rs 1.5 lakh a month. Having a recurring deal would be an add-on ofcourse.

What are the types of Brainwonders franchise available?

We provide three types of franchise models for Brainwonders as follows:

  • Unit franchise for Rs 2.5 lakh, for people looking to start this business from their home itself.
  • Area franchise for Rs 7.5 lakh, for people looking to start the business from a small territory.
  • Master franchise for Rs 25 lakh, for people looking to cover a whole city.

For Labour Law Advisor subscribers, we are giving the Unit Franchise at a discount of Rs 50,000 and the Area Franchise at a discount of 20%. But for a very limited period of time! You can get in touch with Brainwonders here.

What training and support are provided by Brainwonders?

We provide franchise, marketing and counsellor training support from our end. We also hand-hold the counsellors for 2 months. Brainwonders sponsors many school events which give us their database quite easily. Having this data makes it easy for our franchisees to reach more schools and talk to them as we are well-known in this field. Brainwonders always ranks first in every Google search. We also have listing on all online directories with many many reviews to prove our legibility. We have numerous videos on Youtube with school principles vouching for our brand. In terms of testimonies and brand marketing, we are the largest in this field.

Get in touch with Brainwonders here.

Do watch the entire interview below.

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