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6 LinkedIn hacks for better results

LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. It is an American business and employment-oriented social media platform that operates via websites and mobile app. Not only does it connect job seekers with recruiters, but it has also evolved to a large extent. It is now a social media platform for professional communities. Businesses can easily connect with potential business partners and clients. Booming technology diverts the crowd to this platform rather than paid advertisements. Freelancers find it even more useful as LinkedIn helps them to find new clients and further deliver their services. In this blog post, we discuss some hacks which you may find useful.


LinkedIn hacks for better networking

  1. Always send a request with a message, since the chances that it gets approved significantly increases. While sending a request, this hack distinguishes your request. The approver sees that you have a genuine interest in connecting and do something meaningful out of this. This hack assumes huge importance while connecting with a recruiter.
  2. Add open to Hiring/ New Job or providing services. Always bear in mind the concept of high selling only when advertised enough. On LinkedIn you yourself are the product and while selling yourself you need to advertise yourself. The world doesn’t know you unless you introduce yourself.
  3. Write an exciting bio. Your profile reflects you and the recruiter knows you only through your profile. Writing an exciting bio represents your interests and services. This also helps the recruiter know more about you. Likewise, the same goes with the business partners and clients.
  4. Add a professional profile picture. No one on LinkedIn connects with you to see if you’re beautiful enough. People want to see if you are professional and decent enough to collaborate with them. A face on the profile makes it more memorable and easily identifiable.
  5. Start engaging on the posts. This is the best hack to improve your engagement. Comment your genuine and professional views on posts and collect feeedback. This would feature you as an identifiable person to a related field rather than the one who’s on the outlook sitting mundane. You can also comment for connection requests which you’ve sent.
  6. Add your experiences in detail and keep updating posts if you have completed any certificate course or degree. Furthermore, share the experiences you have learned from such courses and share valuable knowledge if any.

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